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FANDRY receiving great applause in IFFI, Goa

Nov 22 2013 7:09PM

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Poster of FandryPoster of Fandry

Debutante director Nagraj Manjule's Marathi movie 'Fandry' is receiving great applause in the 44th International film festival of India (Iffi) in Panaji, with the classy ambience.

After receiving the Jury Grand Prize for the 2nd best film in International Competition at the 15th edition of Mumbai Film Festival in Mumbai, and enormous response in other international Film Festivals, FANDRY has received thunderous praise in IFFI. After receiving huge applauds from international directors, Nagraj Manjule reacts, "I had not expected such an overwhelming response from international critics for the film."

Nagraj Manjule is a person who has used his limitations as his strength in 'Fandry'. Just like his short film 'Pistulya' which won a National Award in 2011. He has presented a glimpse of life in a caste ridden rural India in 'Fandry' with rawness and much simplicity. FANDRY is produced by Navalakha Arts and Holy Basil Productions and associate producers Essel Vision Productions Ltd.

Talking about his journey with the movie as a director, Manjule, said, "It's my first feature film, a biopic of my own life. My journey with this film from inception till now has been very exciting and it's indeed an honour that in a year's time the movie has been going places gathering accolades from the audience and critics." This movie is for those people who experience inferiority complex on a personal as well as a societal level. Manjule added.

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FANDRY receiving great applause in IFFI, Goa

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