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Flash mob by street children to promote 'Madagascar 3'

Jun 8 2012 3:34PM

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The street children did a flash mob on Thursday to promote Madagascar 3, a 3D film that released on Friday. They danced to the song "I like to move it, move it".

Organised by Viacom 18 at the High Street Phoenix Mal in Lower Parel, the flash mob was choreographed by Terence Lewis who teamed up with the children from his dance academy - Terence Lewis Academy.

"Viacom 18 wanted to do something new. We have an academy where a lot of kids come. All the children who performed today (Thursday) are street children. We have created a flash mob with them. The idea was to create a buzz where a lot of kids come," said Lewis.

The choreographer also said that Madagascar is one of his favourite animated films.

"Madagascar 3 is coming tomorrow. This is one of my favourite films especially because of its animation. A lot of people think it is for kids, but actually I really enjoy this as an adult. You get to learn a lot from these films," he said.

"It might be animation for kids, but it's a life lesson for us. I am so proud that my academy and I are associated with the movie. I wish everyone watches the film and enjoys it," Lewis added.

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 Street children dance for 'Madagascar 3'

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