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'Ghantaa' releases on October 14, songs and trailer already a hit among youngsters

Sep 30 2016 5:24PM

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Poster of GhantaaPoster of Ghantaa

Youngsters are always on the lookout for good films. Be it comedy, action, drama or thrillers, a good film resonates with them; a prime reason why the upcoming Marathi film 'Ghantaa' is buzzing as well. The teaser, trailer and songs of the film, which features Amey Wagh, Saksham Kulkarni and Aroh Welankar have attracted cheers from the youth and the makers are not going to keep their viewers waiting anymore.

Post the teaser that left many laughing their hearts out, 'Ghantaa's trailer added to the fun. The trailer launch saw biggies like Mahesh Manjrekar, Jeetendra Joshi and Amruta Khanvilkar in attendance. The dignitaries poked fun at Amey-Aroh-Saksham in the 'Ghanta-Toast' segment. They even appreciated the trailer and music of the film. 'Ghantaa's teaser and trailer have garnered lakhs of hits online owing to the lead trio's popularity with the masses.

The film, directed by Shailesh Kale, revolves around three youngsters living a struggler-life in Mumbai and the gimmicks they pull off to sustain. Though 'Ghantaa' is full of young language and stars, it is a film that people from all age-groups can enjoy. Plus, the unique promotion strategies that Amey, Aroh and Saksham adopted, have been a hit on the social media.

Dashami Studios, Brahmapura Pictures and Yellow Incorporation have presented the film. Dashami Creations has made a mark on TV with the Nitin and Ninad Vaidya - led production house's Durva completing 1000 episodes on telly. Their other productions like 'Majhe Mann Tujhe Zale', 'Pasant Aahe Mulgi' and 'Kamla', have also struck the right chords. With 'Ghantaa', the production house makes its film debut and is sure to make a mark. Shailesh Kale and Rohit Shetty have produced this film, the crazy story of which has been penned by Sumit Bonkar and Rahul Yashod.

Fresh look, brilliant presentation, a crazy cast and and out-of-the-box subject are highlight of 'Ghantaa', which will entertain audiences from October 14 onwards.

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'Ghantaa' releases on Oct 14, songs & trailer already a hit

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