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Hrithik Roshan launches Anandita De's blog 'Risque by Ana De' amidst major star power

Dec 13 2016 3:00PM

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When the theme is sporty chic, the host is Anandita De, the crowd is Sobo high society across all ages and the Chief Guest is Hrithik Roshan, you know you have one stupendous event on your hand. This was the scenario on a wintery Friday night at Su Casa for the launch party of Anandita De's blog on Fitness and Fashion, aptly titled "Risque by Ana De."

Shobhaa De's daughter, Anandita De who has had an inspiring journey to sporting her sportiest and chicest avatar. Also, smiling proudly were her parents, Shobhaa and Dilip De and sisters, Arundhati De and Avantikka Kilachand.

Speaking at the event, Anandita De said, ""I am here because of you guys. Its because of you following me on instagram religiously that I decided that i am gonna do this today. Risque is all about being unconventional, its about being different, its about breaking stereotypes, being yourself and loving yourself who we really are. It's primarily got to do with fitness. I was a fat kid, but here I am on a roll, trying to break stereostypes, and its also about fashion, to break the norms and just love yourself. Thank you everyone , thank you hrithik, Athiya, Kanika and Guddu (Yash Birla) for coming here and supporting me."

Hrithik Roshan, who looked dapper in his HRX clothing, said that, "Talking about this wonderful human being Ana De, I got to know so many new things from here - twinning and fitshion , yeah we gotta have a chat on this! All i have to say is that we spoke a little and i learned about your journey. Anandita's journey has been quite incredible and very very inspiring and the fact that she has taken something that is a part of her life and taking that and finding a way to give it back to the world, to have a desire to be in service to the world, to inspire is the most wonderful thing you can do. I would say like mother, like daughter. I think you are a very very strong individual. We share the same passion and I see myself in your passion so I am delighted to be here. And ofcourse love the way you express yourself! Fashion is one of the most incredible and wonderful ways to express yourself. It takes guts and you have it! You have guts, individuality and you have self expression. Anandita you have it all. I loved the word "Risqué". I actually had to look it up this morning. I am delighted with all the wonderful meanings of this word. All the best and count me in whenever you want to workout together. We'll twin! We'll wear the same stuff and we'll workout! Three cheers for Anandita"

Shobhaa De added that, "Thank you everybody for being here and if I am dressed atrociously, we' ll just blame the children. They only know what sporty chic means. I just borrowed my shoes from my husband's closet, and dress from another child and ask if this is sporty enough. So sorry i am not in a saree but i dare not disobey and thats the kind of mother i am. So today is my mother helmed moment. I have to say that with anandita, she was the youngest of the 6 children and it wasn't easy for her. Growing up with siblings already pretty accomplished and confident and they knew where they were going and as she was the youngest, we did bully her alot. We corrected her all the time. But she surprised us all. She really really did. There was a time when we were all saying where is Ana going, what is she doing? One day she wants to he a DJ , one day she wants to be PR person,third day she is selling art! But one fine day, thanks to Avantikka, she said your photographs and your workout videos scare the hell out of us but why don't you turn it into a blog. Thats how the blog idea came. Thank you Avantikka for triggering the idea. Cheers Ana."

Also present at the event was Kanika Kapoor, Athiya Shetty, Yash Birla, Gulshan Grover, Shaina NC, Suchitra Pillai, and many more!

The most fun part of the evening was when Anandita said she would love to 'twin' with HR. He started laughing saying he had no idea what that was so she explained that they would dress together in matching HRX (Hrithik's fitness clothing brand) outfits & work out together! Anandita has also coined another interesting word 'FITSHION' which is a combination of fitness & fashion & wants everyone to start using & hashtagging it. She feels fashion & fitness go really well together & make a super combination!

Yet another highlight was that all of Sobo stuck to the theme and sported sparkly, glitter laden or metallic sneakers making the launch of "Risque by Ana De" truly Sporty Chic!

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Hrithik Roshan launches Anandita De's blog

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