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I had become Lady Ghajini: Rakhi Sawant

Dec 13 2016 3:44PM

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Controversial queen Rakhi Sawant is back in Shotformats Digital Productions new venture Rakhi In Khaki on web. Rakhi was not seen for sometime due to some unfortunate incident. When asked she says,"I had met with an accident while performing for a show in Colombo. I tripped and hurt my head, as there was too much artificial fog at the stage. I had to shave my hair and undergo an operation. I couldn't come out in public without hair. And also I lost partial memory after the accident. I couldn't recall a person's name! I had become Lady Ghajini. But by the grace of god I am fine now. It took one and a half to two years to recover. I had put on weight during this period. I had to reduce and have come back in Dabang style." But have you gone to depression as you were out of limelight? "I can never go through depression but I put people in depression. When I came to the industry, I belonged to the lower middle class or lower than that. By God's grace, I have everything now, more than required." Rakhi Sawant will be seen as macho, rough –n- tough 'Inspector Rakhi Sawant'. Comedy and sarcasm come naturally to Rakhi which were evident in her earlier shows where she managed to get laughs as well as applauds. In her new show on the web, the actress will give audacity a new definition by giving a raw, un-cut version of her views. As a sexy celebrity anchor of this 'self named' show, Rakhi will share unrestricted account of all the Bollywood gossips and behind the scene updates.

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I had become Lady Ghajini: Rakhi

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