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I want to make meaningful films: Roman Sen

Jul 9 2012 1:27PM

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Producer Roman Sen of Fiery Tiger Production HouseProducer Roman Sen of Fiery Tiger Production House

Indian Cinema has completed its glorious 100 years and in this centenary year, the scenario of the entertainment industry has gone through a radical change. Few years back the stories of the films were mainly dependent on the emotions and after sometime filmmaker started experimenting with their script and evolved new ideas, but since few years back the area of films has been restricted to entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.

But, for now, a name has came up who promises to produce films with meanings and entertainment and feels privileged to part of the industry on its 100 years of completion, It's none other than Producer Roman Sen, an MBA in finance who has started his career with advertising in marketing and client servicing in his family business 26year old company Katha Mediatix India limited and now all set to make his name in the Bollywood Industry by launching is Production House “FIERY TIGER PRODUCTIONS”.

Roman Sen says, “Entertainment Industry is the most enterprising industry.Having interacted with top tycoons, executives and celebrities of the country and the world. I have gained extreme knowledge and confidence in me to move ahead towards my goal and take the company to much greater heights by incorporating the advanced techniques and know-how.”

“I named my production house Fiery Tiger as I want my company and its associates to be fearless and strong like a tiger and must have the power to overcome any circumstances”, he further added.

Sen is already having 3 films in his kitty which he will reveal soon. He believes that making films are very easy but making them pass through the hearts of the people is bit difficult. But however difficult the task may be he wants to reach to the hearts of the people, making profit at the cost of time of people is not ethical. He believes films are the mirror of the society and if these mirrors are only not true than what about the reality? Today, films come and go and it has been a trend of entertainment films with lots of masala and earns crores of rupees but they don't reflect the truth and all are manipulated. But he wants to make films which leaves the sense of film making and describes the story at the utmost.

Sen exclaims, “From the starting of my career, even in my marketing and advertising field, I have always been the savior of right and the things which are meaningful, and in my Bollywood career also I will practice the same.”

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Roman wants to make meaningful films

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For Any clarification on news, contact us via this link, or write to us: content(AT)