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I would like to make a Rs.1,000 crore film: Karan Johar

Mar 14 2013 3:59PM

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Can a Bollywood film earn Rs.1,000 crore? According to Karan Johar, who was present during the second day of FICCI Frames, it is not an impossible feat.

"The figure of Rs.1,000 crore is aspirational at the moment. It looks like a dream, but we are not far from achieving it. I feel that we are limiting ourselves with Rs.1,000 crore mark," Karan told reporters.

He was addressing the media, post moderating a session "Planning and making a Rs. 1,000 crore blockbuster" on the second day of FICCI Frames.

However, Karan candidly admited that there is no fixed formula to achieve it.

" 3 Idiots did so had a subject based on education. It was a feel good movie. Sholay was a masala film and Hum Aapke Hain Koun! was a family film. So you can't pick a specific theme. You need to make a good film, which is universal. There is no science to pick a theme," he said.

So when will Johar direct his next film?

"I take time to direct films as I also have responsibilities as a producer. I get busy in that. I will be directing again next year. I would like to make a Rs.1,000 crore film next," he quipped.

The filmmaker who has collaborated with three directors - Dibakar Banerjee, Zoya Akhtar and Anurag Kashyap - for his upcoming film Bombay Talkies stated that the film has to have a sequel.

"There should be a sequel to this film. I want all the four of us to come back after a few years," he said.

Talking about the four stories in the film, Karan said that each of them shows the director's passion to cinema.

"I am not sure of what the theme was and what it has become. The spirit of coming together is what should resonate. There is an underlying aspect in each film. It shows each one's individual passion behind this," he said.

"Dibakar's film will show angst, Zoya's film is on creative freedom and Anurag's film is about madness and insanity which we give to stars. My film is about music and emotion," Johar concluded.

"I was the first one to sign it. I was scared. But this is the first time that I have not used a single abuse in the film," Kashyap said.

The FICCI session had panellists like Greg Foster, Chairman & President, IMAX Entertainment; Vijay Singh, CEO, Fox Star, India; Siddharth Roy Kapoor, MD, studios, Disney UTV; Ajay Bijli, MD, PVR; and Vikram Malhotra, chief operating officer, Viacom.

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KJo and his 1000 crore club!

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