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Irrfan Khan's transforming journey - Warrior to 'Madaari'

Jul 23 2016 4:28PM

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Irrfan is one of the most talented actors of of the current generation best know for his spectacular choices of roles he's essayed on screen. He has a huge fan following across the globe because of his extraordinary acting skills and his amazing on screen charisma. Each role this talented actor has played on screen have all stood out, not just from the point of view of his portrayal but also the looks that he has adapted for each role he has done for the last years. Irrfan has the knack to not only get the look of his character right but is a perfectionist to adapt to the minuscule details of his role including the accent, the mannerisms etc. Here's taking a look at his on screen transformation across roles over the heads!

Warrior : A simple but beautifully photographed film in Hindi language where Irrfan Khan plays a role of Lafcadia, a warrior in antiquated Rajasthan who attempts to give up his sword. In the movie, Irrfan has long hair, dust-stuck face and is wearing an outfit of a warrior.

A still from Warrior photo
A still from Warrior

Paan Singh Tomar : The biopic has Irrfan Khan playing the role of an athlete who later turned bandit. In the first half he has a body like an athlete and latter half he was seen wearing a khaki outfit with arms carried in his hands like a bandit.

A still from Paan Singh Tomar photo
A still from Paan Singh Tomar

The Namesake : The movie saw Irrfan Khan play the role of a Bengali gentleman Ashoke Ganguli. He plays a first generation immigrant from Bengal to the USA and captured all the hope and heartache that goes with that upheaval. Irrfan was seen with curly hair and spectacles in order to adapt to the look of his role. His personality made us totally connect to him and the way he spoke Bengali and the way he took into the skin of his character was remarkable.

A still from Namesake photo
A still from Namesake

7 Khoon Maaf : Had Irrfan play the role of Wasiullah Khan a poet who woos and wins Priyanka Chopra's love in the flawless landscape of Kashmir. Irrfan had extremely different look in this film compared to his other films. He was dressed in a Pathani carrying a shawl along with long hair and beard.

A still from 7 Khoon Maaf photo
A still from 7 Khoon Maaf

Piku : Had Irrfan Khan as the owner of a taxi business and how he comes across Piku (Deepika Padukone) and her father (Amitabh Bachchan) and goes to Calcutta to sell their ancestral home. Irrfan's look in his film is different from all his other movies, playing a more urban guy next door, a refreshing change from his regular.

A still from Piku photo
A still from Piku

Jurrasic World : Is a science fiction film in which Irrfan Khan played the role of Simon Masrani CEO of the Masrani Corporation and the owner of Jurassic world. He is shown a bit old in the movie dressed up like an owner of a company in a suit. He was all luxury from top to bottom as essays the role of a flamboyant millionaire.

A still from Jurrasic World photo
A still from Jurrasic World

Qissa : The film was set in the 1947's partition backdrop where Irrfan played the role of Sikh man Umber Singh. He has been shown as a stubborn Punjabi man who wants his son to carry his legacy of strong hunter ahead. Irrfan carried the role with authenticity. He made the character look effortless.

A still from Qissa photo
A still from Qissa

Madaari : Irrfan Khan's most recent and much awaited film has grabbed attention for Irrfan look transformation. Irrfan is seen in a total different look and plays a role of a father who fights for his son who dies due to the collapse of a bridge. Irrfan is shown in a mysterious streak in the movie and his look is making the role enhance more.

A still from Madaari photo
A still from Madaari

Maqbool : Irrfan donned the perfect look to essay the role of the right hand of Mumbai's biggest mafia. Playing the title role, Irrfan's look only complimented his impeccable acting skills in the movie.

A still from Maqbool photo
A still from Maqbool

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Irrfan's transforming journey - Warrior to 'Madaari'

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