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Joel, an upcoming artist influenced by Rabindra Sangeet

May 16 2012 12:20AM

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Album launch JoelAlbum launch Joel

Joel is an upcoming artiste whose music has been influenced by genres like classical rock, blues, jazz and even Rabindra Sangeet. In fact he says he doesn’t have any particular genre which he sticks to. His musical influences have been artistes like Bach, Sting, The Beatles, Dream Theatre, John Denver, John Mayer, Norah Jones and many more.

His credits include arranging and composing for Babul Supriyo’s pop album called ‘Untitled’ from Universal, arranging and composing the title song for the yet to be released film ‘A Story of Red Hills’ by choreographer Remo De Souza , posing the title theme for NABC 2008, Toronto and so on and so forth.

His first album called ‘A Journey Within’ which has 8 songs including Janina Keno, Into The Distance, Aynar Obhab and even a Rabindra Sangeet ‘Amar Nishito Rater Badol Dhara’ was launched at Gallery Gold on Tuesday by singer Sidhu, composer and lyricist Joy Sarkar and the directorial duo of Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy. Incidentally the lyrics have been written by Srijato, Shambhabi Raha, Sidhu, Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah and Joel himself. The album has been released under the label of Purple Music.

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At the launch of Joels album

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