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Marathi Movie 'Phuntroo' is a romantic drama set in sci-fi background

Sep 18 2014 3:57PM

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The Marathi film Shaala has given a lot to the Marathi film industry; including a director with foresight and a desire to do something path breaking and take Marathi Cinema to greater heights of excellence on the global level and a talented and beautiful actress like Ketaki Mategaonkar. The film got a lot of accolades all over India as well as the world for its content which made every Indian proud.

After making films like Shaala and Ajoba, now director Sujay Dahake is quite busy with the making of his next film in Marathi called Phuntroo and Ketaki Mategaonkar, who was seen in Sujay Dahake's film Shaala will be seen once again acting under the direction of Sujay in Phuntroo.

The film Phuntroo is being produced under the banner of V. Patke Films by producers Vandana Thakur and Ajay Thakur. It is the second film in Marathi which is being produced by the couple whose last venture was the meaningful film Taani which clicked at the box office too in a big way and also won accolades for the producers as well as the director.Taani, which had Ketaki in the title role, had also fetched two major Maharashtra State awards for the producers.

The viewers will now be able to see the brilliant direction of Sujay Dahake and the piece de resistance performance of the power house performer Ketaki Mategaonkar once again in Phuntroo, which is a love story with the backdrop of science fiction and hence the makers want to keep the subject under wraps and are ready to divulge more details about the plot gradually from time to time as the film progresses. According to Sujay, Phuntroo boasts of an entirely different story which has not been seen hitherto on the Marathi screen and the cast and crew are being finalized for the film.

Says Sujay Dahake, "Marathi Cinema has been in the forefront of filmmaking in our country and has always been making attempts to unleash new films which are out of the box and innovative and different from the kind of films which are being made in the rest of the country. Phuntroo is yet another right step in that direction. No one till date has ever made an attempt to make a film which is a love story with the backdrop of science fiction and hence the team behind the film is not only proud that they are setting an example by making a film like Phuntroo but also feel a great deal of responsibility at the same time and are extremely confident that the efforts of the team will pay good dividends to the team.

After Shaala, Arohi, Kaksparsh, Taani and Time Pass, Ketaki Mategaonkar is quite excited and overwhelmed to be a part and parcel of an epoch making film like Phuntroo. Says Ketaki, "I am glad that I am getting an opportunity to get to work with a director like Sujay Dahake and producers Ajay Thakur and Vandana Thakur, who had earlier produced Taani with me in the lead."

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'Phuntroo' has romantic in sci-fi background

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