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Hot Bollywood actress MMS scandals that rocked the internet

Feb 16 2013 7:19PM

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Celebrities, specially the Bollywood actresses of tinsel town always make news for every little thing that they do, and at times for things that they don't do! Here, we have compiled a list of leaked Bollywood MMSs that went viral online and spread across the country discreetly, yet created noise across all media platforms.

The first one that comes to the mind is the sizzling kiss between the then hot Bollywood couple Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor. Coming from a filmi background, the duo should have known that they need to be extra careful when in public. But, during a date in a coffee shop, this couple chose to throw caution to the wind and indulged in a passionate smooch that went on for quite a long time, giving an enthusiastic voyeur enough time to pull out his camera phone and capture them in action! Next, the voyeur starts circulating the MMS; and soon, news channels started displaying the image repeatedly, gaining huge TRPs; the search on internet for this MMS clip was even more. One striking feature about this MMS was that though it had no nudity, it was still extremely popular, proving that the hot affair of the young couple was an element of public interest.

Next is the raunchy MMS featuring Riya Sen and Ashmit Patel. This crude love-making video, which was shot when the duo was dating each other, gave the starlets more fame than any of their films till date. The video showed Riya seducing Ashmit, and the couple indulging in passionate kisses and foreplay. However, later, when Ashmit found out that Riya has cheated on him, he was so furious that he decided to leak out this personal video. Post this episode, Riya Sen saw red for obvious reasons, but her embarrassment compelled her to narrate a 'oh, it's a look-alike' story.

However, during his tenure in the Bigg Boss house, Ashmit had acknowledged shooting this personal video, adding that he wasn't the one to have circulated it. Whatever the truth about the circulation source is, the fact remains that Riya and Ashmit have avoided each other perennially post this MMS scandal.

Mallika Sherawat, who is best known for her unapologetic and unabashed bold roles and attires, also found herself in an MMS scandal. A video of the actress having sex with a foreigner excited people no end. The video spread like wild fire on the internet, while Mallika claimed that she is not the one in the video and that it is perhaps some look-alike of hers! Whoever it was, this MMS brought Mallika under the scanner yet again for wrong reasons!

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif's little sister Isabelle was caught in an MMS scandal too, which, as expected, was denied by Kat saying that the girl in the video is not her sis, but a look-alike. She also added that her 17-year-old sister is away in New York for her studies. Tch, tch! It's sad to see that not only B-town actors, but even their family members are victims of such demeaning MMSs. But guess what, our very own Ms. Kaif was the next victim after Isabelle!

We all know that Katrina started her Bollywood career with a super bold role in a super dud film named Boom. In the film, she was seen in bikini; what's more, she was also seen seducing Gulshan Grover. But today, the actress is in a powerful position where she doesn't need to resort to such vulgarity. Hence, when an MMS showing Kat stripping in full view of several men started doing the rounds, everyone was shocked, and wanted to watch it. Hence, this MMS became highly popular on the internet, and was passed from one cell-phone to another. But, Ms. Kaif repeated what she said during her sister's turn, and claimed that it's just a look-alike.

Preity Zinta had been a victim of fake MMS during her hay days. The video had the actress in nude, bathing under the shower. But later it was discovered that the video was a morphed one and a look-alike porn star had shot for the video.

Another famous MMS video that became extremely popular was the one in which the sexy Koena Mitra and Fardeen Khan having a sexy titillating shower together. The MMS was actually not a secret video, but a song from their film 'Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena'. Interestingly, this was not a leaked video, but was circulated deliberately to promote the movie and create buzz around it.

Latest victim of the MMS scandal was actress Mona Singh, who was in the news for a leaked nude MMS that went viral quickly online. Though Mona claimed that the nude video was a morphed one, many in the social media platforms like twitter, and facebook insisted that it was indeed Mona Singh in the short video. It's alleged that the clip, most likely shot by someone very close to the actress (according to Police), features a fully nude Mona Singh look-alike woman.

Thus, big stars and small, several have found themselves embroiled in controversy thanks to voyeurs who are interested in enjoying someone else's private moments. There's no escaping from prying eyes. Right?

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Famous Bollywood MMS scandals

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