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MMW Award winners announced

Jun 6 2013 2:30PM

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The countdown is over. Finally, the results of MMW Awards 2013 are being announced today. This year, few new categories have been added, including Most awaited film, Best marketed film, Best promo of the film, Fresh face of the year(Male/Female) and we received tremendous response for online voting specially for these newly added categories.

Thousands of voters voted for their favourite stars and movies. The final results are as follows:

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1) Most awaited film: Zapatlela 2

2) Best Film of the year: Tukaram

3) Best Marketed film: Shala

4)Best Promo of the film: Ajintha

5) Best publicity Design: Aik (Listen)

6) Fresh (Male) face of the year Hemant Dhome

7) Fresh (Female) Face of the year: Shweta Pagar

8)Best Film Actor: Jitendra Joshi (Tukaram)

9) Best Film Actress : Amruta Khanvilkar (Satrangi Re)

10)Drama- Best Play: Shivaji underground in Bheemnagar Mohalla

11) Drama Best Actor : Sharad Ponkshe( Eka Kshanaat)

12) Drama best Actress : Kadambari kadam ( T &J)

13) TV Serial - Best Serial - Unch Majha Zoka

14) TV Serial: Best actor : Vikram Gaikwad (Unch Majha Zoka)

15) TV Serial- Best Actress: Mukta Barve (ELDG)

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MMW winners announced

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For Any clarification on news, contact us via this link, or write to us: content(AT)