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Music launch of Bengali movie 'Awara'

Jul 7 2012 6:28AM

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The music launch of Awara, an upcoming film starring Jeet and Sayantika took place at the Park on Friday. The film which has been produced by Shree Venkatesh Films and directed by Ravi Kinnagi has music by Jeet Ganguly and Dev Sen and lyrics by Prasenjit Mullick and Prasen. The playback singers are Prasenjit Mullick, Megha Bharadwaj,Deb Sen,Jeet Ganguly and Shilpa Rao. It has been edited by Mohd.Kalam and the cinematographer is Mohon Verma.

The pair seems to be fresh and the songs have been shot in places like Ladakh and Malaysia. Said Sayantika, 'It is a privilege to work with Shree Venkatesh Films and also to act opposite a star like Jeet'. When asked if this will be a sort of launch pad for her though she has already acted in 3 films before and she might be considered for bigger films now , she said 'Yes, even I agree that it is a sort of relaunch for me. I have even done all my stunts myself and even Raviji (Kinnagi) appreciated my dancing skills'. Even Jeet was very happy to act opposite someone like Sayantika when he was asked this question. 'It is always good to act opposite new upcoming actresses like Sayantika and she has done a good job in the film and it was great to work with her ', said Jeet. The music launch of the film also took place at the venue.The film will release on 13th July.

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Music launch of 'Awara'

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