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Naresh struggled with his make-up for 'Laddu Babu': Director

Mar 25 2014 4:28PM

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Allari Naresh will be seen playing an extremely fat character in upcoming Telugu romantic-comedy "Laddu Babu". Director Ravi Babu says the actor struggled to manage the prosthetic make-up, but the result was successful.

"Usually make-up for a role in films last few hours and days. But since Naresh plays an extremely fat character, we had to use a lot of prosthetic make-up. He had to stay in it for so many hours in a day and he carried the look for almost 70 days," Ravi Babu told IANS.

"He literally struggled to carry the weight of the make-up on his body. There were times he would fall off not being able to manage the weight. But he never had a problem doing the role. He was dedicated from day one and successfully completed the film," he added.

The film's team roped in international make-up artists.

"We brought in international prosthetic make-up artists. We wanted his look to be perfect, so we couldn't afford to take chances. I think the efforts of our team paid off. The film has come out very well and Naresh's look has also appealed to the audience," he said.

At the recent audio launch of the film, Naresh sported the film's avatar.

The film, which is slated for release soon, also features Bhumika Chawla, Poorna and Kota Srinivasa Rao in important roles.

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Naresh struggled with his make-up

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