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Neha Pendse in a fit & fine look for 'Premasathi Coming Soon'

Nov 29 2014 2:32PM

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Neha Pendse is one of the leading names in Marathi film industry. Neha has already proven her acting skills in south films. This glamorous girl will be coming soon to meet you in a very different look in her new film "Premasathi Coming Soon". Neha has broken down all the boundaries of traditional women in this film. On the occasion of this film we got in touch with Neha for a chit chat….

Q: We heard that you have lost 10-15 kgs for the film is it true?

Ans: I was always conscious about my health and I used to work out regularly but it was not that remarkable. This time I took it very seriously and decided to bring down my weight. Not just for the film but in day today life exercise is very important. Everybody wants themselves to be fit and healthy even I followed the same. That is why I could lose my weight.

Q: Did you find your lose in weight helpful for the film?

Ans: Yes, it helped me a lot. This film is a based on romance so naturally this is a romantic film. This is the first time I am doing a romantic film and for the first time opposite to Adinath therefore onscreen chemistry is bound to happen. I tried to give full justice for such scenes.

Q: Any particular diet plan or did you join a gym for this film?

Ans: I used to work out daily and I followed diet plans. My personal trainee helped me a lot. My body is little heavy. For many people it was just a matter of 3-4 months of work out that helps them but for me it was not possible. My weight was the same even after doing exercise. But this time I took pledge to lose my weight by hook or crook. I decided not to abandon my work out. In the morning I used to work out and then have fruit juice. After six months we could see some effect.

Q: How do you define zero figure?

Ans: For me the definition of zero figure is bit different. A healthy figure is zero figure for me. Any figure that looks seductive and attractive is zero figure.

Q: What Marathi actresses must do for fitness?

Ans: Compared to Hindi actress there is less awareness about fitness in Marathi actresses. Many Marathi actresses are diet conscious but there is not much notable progress. It is necessary to look compact.

Q: Premasathi Coming Soon has various looks of Neha, which is your favorite look of all?

Ans: I would like to keep it as suspense. This suspense is the attraction of the film. I have tried to portray my role honestly and that is what is important for me.

Q: What are your expectations from this upcoming film?

Ans: My entire team has taken a lot of an effort for this film. Our challenge was to complete shooting for this film in a short span of time. Entire team has worked a lot from 9 to 11. Though this film is romance generic my character is very serious, everybody has tried to give their 100% for this film. I am sure that this film will be a success. I hope that our audience will accept my new look and come to the theaters to see "Premasathi Coming Soon".

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Neha Pendse in a fit & fine look

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