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'Pizza 2: Villa' slowly picks up at the box office

Nov 22 2013 8:23AM

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Tamil horror-thriller Pizza 2, which released on 14th November, may not have had a grand opening a la its predecessor Pizza, but it has managed to rake in approximately Rs.3.1 crore in the first five days in Tamil Nadu. The film was reportedly made on a budget of over Rs.5 crore.

"The film approximately grossed around Rs.3.1 crore till Monday (18th November). It definitely couldn't have the earth shattering opening of Pizza, but still managed to rake in the moolah and is going strong at the box office," trade analyst Trinath stated.

Unlike Pizza, which wowed both critics and audiences alike, its successor Pizza 2 received mixed reviews. "Many couldn't understand the climax. Since the film belongs to the horror genre and audiences usually shout while watching it, they may have missed some important scenes that eventually help in connecting the dots," he added.

Starring Ashok Selvan and Sanchita Shetty in the lead roles, Pizza 2 was also dubbed and released in Telugu with the same title two days after the Tamil release.

A sequel to Pizza 2 is in the offing.

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'Pizza 2' rakes in the moolah

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