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Poonam Pandey misleads her fans

May 30 2012 4:13PM

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Bollywood actress Poonam PandeyBollywood actress Poonam Pandey

A new controversy has emerged about Poonam Pandey having gone nude. And surprisingly, not for her stripping! It is being alleged that her supposedly ‘nude’ picture, which she tweeted in support of Shah Rukh Khan’s cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders winning the Indian Premier League (IPL), is actually a FAKE ONE. Oops!With a little research, it can be found out that this photograph, done in the backdrop of an antique-looking window and house plants, was actually shot wearing a bikini with high-heeled black shoes and a blackish-brown bead-necklace and wristband. But in its new avatar, Poonam is seen in the buff, giving rise to speculations about the new picture having been ‘photoshopped’ to generate fake hype..

“Photographs speak for themselves. The old and new pictures are definitely from the same shoot and done at the same place,” analyses Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar..

“But let us also give the benefit of doubt to Ms Pandey, before pouncing on her. For all you know, she might just have decided to do away with her costume for a shot after doing the bikini pictures,” comments the crisis management expert..

And though the publicist speaks somewhat in her favour, Poonam has already been termed a compulsive liar by many. Indeed, this Kingfisher Calendar model has made a lot of tall claims in the past. Poonam became an instant hit when she grabbed the attention of the whole country, by claiming to go nude to celebrate Team India’s World Cup win. But to the dismay of her fans, mainly on Twitter, she didn’t! Instead, she put out a whole lot of bikini pictures, on the lines of prototype Sherlyn Chopra. Apparently, Poonam also spread news about her entering Bigg Boss 5, claiming to have been offered a staggering 2 crores for it. That too, turned out to be false..

Then she claimed she had “rejected 30 film offers”. Later, Poonam declared, she signed a film by Amit Saxena, who directed the Bipasha Basu-John Abraham thriller ‘Jism’. Saxena denied her claims in the media stating, “I really want her (Poonam) to stop spreading false stories about me. Nothing has been finalized yet and I hope she stops doing this.”

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Poonam Pandey in controversy

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