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'Prem Sankat' to release on 14th October 2016

Sep 22 2016 6:34PM

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Poster of Prem SankatPoster of Prem Sankat

Looking at the success rate of Marathi movies in recent times featuring newcomers prove that raw talent if honed properly can do wonders, at box office too. It's considered risky proposition to make a film with new faces and many shun to venture into it but here's one brave heart who is coming with a new Marathi film featuring, not one or two but, five newcomers.

Diksha Yuvraj Surwane under the banner Reha Film Productions has produced a movie 'Prem Sankat' which introduces one less than half a dozen newcomers. The said movie is written and directed by Datta Murkute and has also written the dialogues along with Arun Kulkarni. All the five songs of Prem Sankat, which already are topping the popularity charts, are composed by music composer Vishal Wankhede. The vocal expressions to these songs are offered by Sadhana Sargam, Anand Shinde, Adarsh Shinde, Amir Shaikh, Nisha Bhagat, Pratibha Bagel.

The story of Prem Sankat revolves around five youngsters, two boys and three girls, which has numerous shades of human emotions which will keep the audience engrossed in the film. Raj along with his friends has helped Pooja out of the clutches of irreverent villain Mandola but when required she fails to recognise Raj due to memory loss. Actually noticing Pooja's plight, Raj also involves police, helps Pooja to break free from Mandola. One day while carrying tiffin for Pooja, Mandola spots Raj and thrashes him and also threatens his parents. But Raj decrimoniously shifts Pooja to a deserted farm-house. Meanwhile the closeness of Raj and Pooja culminates into love. What makes Pooja not to recognise Raj? What happens to their love? Will remorseless Mandola be able to locate Raj and Pooja? All these answers are available in Prem Sankat. Writer-Director has interwoven love, friendship, Kidnapping, Memory-loss, Revenge etc. into the story and also has fine tuned the screenplay with required dose of humour.

Raj Surwade, Monalisa Bagal, Rahul Bhise, Ankita Parmar, Yamini Dolas are debuting with Premsankat and stalwarts like Nishigandha Wad, Satish a Pulekar, Latika Gore, Yatin Karyekar, Rajendra Shisatkar lend required experienced support. The colourful visual spectacle is provided by cinematographer Prem Bhat and assistant directors are Mohammad Shaikh and Namrata Shah .

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'Prem Sankat' to release on Oct 14

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