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Raees Alam, the not-so-common man stole my heart

Dec 10 2016 2:00PM

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'In the last few days, I have had so many posts shared, exchanged on ‘Raees’ trailer and the fact that it has broken the internet and gone viral! My mom called this morning and said Shah Rukh Khan is looking so good. My first reaction was, I still love him as the therapist and am not yet over with that intense look he gave Alia (Kaira) as a life coach in ‘Dear Zindagi’ and simply stole my heart. I want to live with that feeling. Isn’t it only too soon that SRK is taking that away from me?

I gathered the opinion of my friends on Facebook and most said that this is the right move on his part after the cutie that he was in ‘Chennai Express’ where he told us ‘never underestimate the power of a common man’. Well, Raees Alam, the bootlegger from Gujarat is every bit not a common man; yet I am expecting him to deliver a power packed performance. It was difficult to accept him in the ‘kajal’ look at first but that is the charisma of this guy that he blends into the skin of the character effortlessly.

Yes, this film has been riddled with controversy from the start and despite the delay in the release, it looks like, the makers are in no mood to deny us the treat of seeing SRK as the ‘Return of the Don’.

Mahira Khan as Mohsina looks super seductive and hopefully this one will solidify the creative ties between the two countries on either side of the border and keep politics away from art. The oomph factor has been added by Sunny Leone and I am already shaking a leg or two at ‘Laila o Laila’ background score in the trailer.

Last but not the least, we will see Nawaz (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) as ACP Majmudar. I remember him opposite Salman Khan in ‘BajrangiBhaijaan’ and he stole the show in the few scenes that he was there. The Khans these days are not hesitant to share screen space with this man and know that it is only a win-win situation. What Nawaz did for Bajrangi, can he do that or even more for RaeesAlam only remains to be seen. See you at the movies on 25th January 2017 for this one.

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Raees Alam stole my heart

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