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Sameera is too FAT to be an item girl?

Feb 6 2012 12:25AM

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Item numbers are the new formula to get your film enough eyeballs, and in turn make it a hit too. Little wonder that many filmmakers have not only included an item song in their film – doesn't matter in the movie or at the end – but are extremely particular about who will be doing the song. Besides having a known name to do it, the other prerequisite to land an item number is fair skin and an obscenely slim frame.

And while on one hand it means that slim-icons like Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu still stand a chance of having an item number in their body of work, it also means voluptuous Sameera Reddy can't ever be a part of any item number in the future, her dancing skills notwithstanding. Don't believe us, ask the makers of 'Tezz' the reason to ask a new face to gyrate to a special song (guess that's what item numbers are called these days) and they say that Sameera was too 'fat' to do a sensual number. However, director Priyadarshan has a different take on the whole slim girl for item numbers theory: You see, he says, “Sameera will be in the song, but as a spectator. She plays a tough girl in the movie, who rides bikes and does her own actions. So her doing the song wasn't appropriate.” Ahem, ahem!

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Item numbers only for slim actresses?

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