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Sanjib Sarkar - A 'new kid on the block'

Aug 10 2016 3:11PM

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Sanjib Sarkar Sanjib Sarkar

Sanjib Sarkar, a new kid on the block is one kind of a creative soul who is simply blessed with music. He deals with music of high range, writes songs, does music arrangements, and is a master in sound designing.

Being an independent music composer he has tried his luck at composing commercial jingles, composing music for corporate films, animation films and many more. He is one of the busiest composers from the next generation. After films like Masoom, Na Jene Mon and Chhip Suto Char, Sanjib is now gearing up for the launch of his debut Bollywood film 'Umformung - The Transformation' directed by Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar.

The movie deals with two parallel plots- one concerning a Buddhist monk living in a secluded monastery searching for truth, and the other about a successful female builder who understands power, position and wealth. It is all about how the way an incident comes up with changes in the latter's life, leading her undertake a journey to understand the truth of life. The film's background music, sound design & audio post production has been done by Sanjib Sarkar. The film is all set to be released on 26 August this year. The film has already won several awards including for music like 'FSFF 2014' for best music, the most prestigious 'Dada Saheb Phalke 2015' for best music, Delhi ,NIFF 2015' for best background music, Noida in February (2015),'Euro Film Festival' for best film, best director & best original music, Spain (2016)

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Sanjib - a new kid on the block

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