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Settai director says his film shouldn't be comapred to Delhi Belly

Apr 5 2013 3:00PM

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Tamil director R. Kannan, known for remaking Hindi films like Jab We Met and Delhi Belly feels that it is important to enjoy films as they are.

"I don't understand why two films should be compared even if one is a remake of the other. By comparing, we are only restricting ourselves from enjoying a film. In simple words, we are literally killing entertainment," Kannan stated.

"Most remakes are made keeping in mind so many factors, but people very easily discard it by comparing it with the original. Even though I know it's extremely difficult not to expect people from comparing remakes, I feel it should be stopped," he added.

Kannan feels his upcoming remake Settai, is very likely to be compared to its original film Delhi Belly.

"Ever since the film has been announced, there have been several questions raised in comparison with Delhi Belly. One of the most common questions was that how the film could be remade in Tamil without any cuss words and adult one-liners," he quipped.

"You can see that even before we started filming, such questions were raised. Such is the plight of a filmmaker working on a remake and this is very unlikely to change," said Kannan.

Kannan faced similar situation while remaking Jab We Met, titled Kanden Kadhalai in Tamil. "Bharath who played the lead in the remake had starred in back-to-back action films at that time. The consensus feedback was how I could cast someone who was busy shaping up as an action hero to play a lover boy," he added.

“It's not a frame-to-frame copy of the original. I have developed the story based on the friendship between the three friends. I hope people won't compare it with Delhi Belly," Kannan concluded.

Produced by UTV, Settai stars Arya, Premgi Amaren, Santhanam, Hansika Motwani, Anjali and Nassar. It is releasing today.

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We are killing entertainment: R. Kannan

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