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Shah Rukh Khan is 'Raees' at heart and at the movies on Jan 25

Jan 23 2017 1:00PM

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Women’s March across the world has been in the news for a while. January 21st will be considered a historic day with women standing up& chanting slogans for women’s rights, immigration rights, racial injustice and LGBT rights, just a day after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of USA. He has been criticised for his attitude towards women, among many other things. However, on the other side of the Globe, there is one man who deeply respects every woman, makes her feel wanted just by his screen presence and connects with her soul.

Both these men have been in the news for a while in my country but in contrastingly different ways. Since I connect with Shah Rukh Khan at a soul-deep level, I thought, I’ll write something about him. Shah Rukh Khan has been there on the cover of every magazine, Bombay Times, reality shows on most channels incessantly as part of the promotions for ‘Raees’ which releases on January 25th, 2017.

This man just does not stop and has been tweeting of late “exhausted….phir bhi aa raha hoon”. (Exhausted, but still am coming). Told you, he’s every bit a gentleman, honours his commitment.

And “Bola Na, Battery Nahin Bolne Ka” (Told you, don’t call me a battery) has been reverberating from all corners, but SRK you are a supercharged battery!

Check out this

Watch this “West Bengal Tourism’’ commercial and you will fall in love with him all over again for he knows how to hold his lady. Raees Alam’s (SRK’s screen name in ‘Raees’) ability to make a woman feel special with his dignified looks and dimples is simply magical.

In a recent Femina Interview he stated “Why only a feminist, I’d like to be a woman”. This man realizes that when you respect women and step up to support them, you win hearts. I am not trying to sound pro-woman, when I pen all of this down but I do ponder that what is it that took the women world by storm with a powerful man’s election recently and another not so common man (Never underestimate the power of a common man) won their hearts by just being his loving self towards them. Leaves me thinking this guy is truly a ‘Raees’ at heart and at the movies. #RaeesTheFilm releasing January 25th, 2017. #cantwait

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 'Raees' at heart & at the movies

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