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Suman Maitra’s 'The Best Seller' - a Hindi film highlighting the 'darker' section of the society

Feb 22 2016 3:01PM

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Trailer launch of The Best SellerTrailer launch of The Best Seller

After Suman Maitra's The Best Seller which will release on 26th February talks about the 'dark' section of the society and their lives- sex workers. There have hardly been films which have been completely centered on their lives as no one wants to experiment and make a film on a subject which is quite dark, yet something very relevant. The film will highlight their struggle, their endeavours, their joy, their sorrow . The film is about 2 sisters, Anu and Ayesha who are part of that section of the society and how the elder sister tries to keep her younger sister away from the red light area will be highlighted. Besides this, other relevant matters like drug peddlers, child abuse etc will be shown along with the journey of the 2 sisters. It is in fact a Hindi film featuring actors and actresses from Tollywood and after much constraints, this film will release nationally .

The film stars Wrishita Mukherjee, Malabika Banerjee, Tathagata Mukherjee,Arundhuti Mukherjee, Saumen Bhowmick, Amit Saha, Tanmoy Das, Dhruba Debnath, Neha Roy and Md Zakir. It has been produced by Saibal Ganguly . Rana Sarkar is the music director while Amitaditya Sanyal is the lyricist. Raghab, Raktima Mukherjee, Rashni Sahaa, Sumana Chakraborty, Ragesree Das, Tushar Dutta and Irina Ray have sung for the film.

The trailer launch of the film took place at Princeton on Saturday.

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'The Best Seller' - a film on 'darker' section of society

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