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The 100 crore club is over hyped: Sunny Deol

Apr 4 2013 6:26AM

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Sunny Deol, who will have as many as six film releases in 2013, believes that the Rs.100 crore club was always there in Bollywood but it was never hyped.

The 56-year-old, who debuted with Betaab in 1983, is surprised at the hype around movies grossing over Rs.100 crore. "I don't understand why it is hyped so much. There are films that have earned much more than Rs.100 crore, but it was never hyped earlier," Sunny said in an interview.

"It's only now that people make an issue out of it. My film Gadar - Ek Prem Katha had earned several crores. It was a blockbuster. People appreciated the work and the storyline," he added.

So what does he feel about the rat race for No. 1? "I don't understand why everyone wants to be on number one today. People have become insecure. The quality of work is lacking and major focus is on the money a film will earn," he said.

"What people are doing today, I have seen and done all this earlier. I don't like it Rs.100 crore club being hyped as if it was never there before. I have come back after a break. I am not seen around much now because I have not entered this racket. It doesn't bother me," added the actor, who will soon be seen in Yamla Pagal Deewana 2.

How was it shooting for action scenes before things became advanced? "Earlier, when we used to shoot action sequences, we had to do everything on our own. We didn't have sophisticated equipment at that time. I never used body doubles. Action is something that has always interested me," he explained.

What's the secret behind his fitness? "I am a very simple and hardworking person. I have never worked to have six-pack abs or flaunt my muscles. I work out and take normal diet," Sunny said.

His upcoming films include I love New York, Singh Sahab The Great, Ghayal Returns and Mohalla Assi. His ready-to-release, Sangeeth Sivan-directed Yamla Pagla Deewana 2, reunites him with his father Dharmendra and brother Bobby.

"It has been like a family affair. We all were together. YPD-2 is different from the first one. It was my wife Pooja's story idea, she has written the script. The film is set in Britain. My character helps families in Britain by assisting them to repay bank loans. Bobby's and my father's characters are based in Benaras. They try to bluff me in the film and later the story takes an interesting turn," Sunny concluded. The film is slated to hit screens on 7th June.

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Sunny Deol talks about the 100 crore club

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