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The first edition of 'Conversations' takes place with Paoli Dam as guest

May 13 2016 5:17PM

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THE PALMS RESTAURANT proudly presented 'CONVERSATIONS', a once-in-a-month dialogue session between Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee and celebrity guests from various walks of life. The first edition saw him in conversation with Paoli Dam at The Palms Restaurant on Wednesday.

The talk show will pick up the choicest of arts personalities and create an interactive exchange of life-shapers. This is going to be one lifestyle show unique and the only one in the city – live, unchained and unformatted.

Paoli Dam in conversations with Sujoy Prasad Chattherjee said that as a student in chemistry she never thought that she would achieve this much success in the film industry. She dreamt be a research scholar but found her "chemistry with films." Her moral support was her parents. She said that during her student life she came on screen to earn for herself some pocket money. Her first success as an actress was playing the role of Madhabilata in Kaalbela. But films like Chatrak and Hate story gave her criticisms. She went on to add, "My life has seen both fame, success and criticism. The criticisms in my life have made me more strong and successful in my career." Recounting her favourite films, the actress added, "Films, such as Kaalbela, Natoker Moto and Bedroom are close to my heart."

The event which began from Wednesday , will be a once a month chat show at the venue with artistes from various walks of life with a sumptous dinner to follow later .

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'Conversations' takes off with Paoli Dam

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