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The most popular Bollywood songs of March 2013

Mar 28 2013 7:30PM

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Gomolo Top 20 songs of the month - MarchGomolo Top 20 songs of the month - March

After taking you through the top 20 Hindi songs every week, Gomolo brings to you the most popular Bollywood songs of the month. Watch, listen, enjoy and add to your playlist.

Meethi Boliyan | (Kai Po Che!)
This soft number from kai Po Che is hummable and mesmerizing. And when the song is played at a high volume, you are all set to enjoy the soft voice against the loud thumping background music. A winner for sure!

Har Ek Friend Kameena Hota Hai | (Chasme Baddoor)
Quite reminiscent of a telecom company’s popular jingle, this song scores high thanks to its whacky lyrics. Fun-filled and catchy, this song ranks high among this month’s most popular Hindi songs.

Na Jaane Kahaan Se Aaya Hai | (I, Me Aur Main)
Inspired by the Sridevi-Sunny Deol starrer song from Chaalbaaz, this Bollywood song has adapted itself well to suit the taste of the latest set of listeners. No wonder, it has been quite a rage since the time it was launched.

Dhak Dhak Karne Laga | (Nautanki Saala)
Gone are the days of remix albums; today, we have remixed songs in Hindi movies. What’s more, they are ruling the roost. How else do you think we have two songs that are picked up from popular songs of the 1990s!

Naino Mein Sapna | (Himmatwala)
This one is completely picked up from the 1983 song starring Jeetendra and Sridevi, but here we have Ajay Devgn and Tamannaah shaking a leg amidst gigantic musical instruments and colours.

Punjabiyan Di Battery | (Mere Dad Ki Maruti)
A full-on Punjabi number, this song will make you dance and sing with it. Describing the typical traits of a Punjabi family, this whacky number is a sure-shot Bollywood hit song.

Cappuccino | (I, Me Aur Main)
This song from I Me aur Main talks about a self-obsessed man’s justification on why it is essential to be self-centered! Nevertheless, the song is interesting with catchy music.

Saajna | (I, Me Aur Main)
Romantic, yet heartrending… this song has the ability to touch the chord of its listeners’ heart. And with this remixed version of the song, the pace tends to stick on to you for hours on end!

Manja | (Kai Po Che!)
Hope is what this song from Kai Po Che carries with itself. The lyric is soul-stirring yet full of hopes. The music is hypnotizing. A perfect Bollywood song for anyone who is down and needs some pep up!

Saadi Galli Aaja | (Nautanki Saala)
Sung by Ayushmann Khurrana, this Punjabi song is a soft, romantic number that will mesmerize you unfailingly, irrespective of whether you understand the language or not.

Taki Taki | (Himmatwala)
Coming from Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala, this song is also an exact copy of the original Sridevi-Jeetendra starrer. This song shows Ajay and Tamannaah in a naughty mood as they pull Paresh Rawal’s leg.

Teri Jhuki Nazar | (Murder 3)
Soulful, romantic, mesmerizing – these are the words that suit the song from Murder 3 aptly. This song has the potential to linger in your mind for hearts, and surely to be featured in the list of best Bollywood songs of 2013!

Mera Mann | (Nautanki Saala)
The music of this song is an undoubted show stealer. Peppy, yet slow – this Hindi song from Nautanki Saala will surely hit the right chords of your heart.

Thank God It's Friday | (Himmatwala)
Everyone gets super-excited at the thought of an approaching weekend. This song cashes in on the same fact. Featuring the charming Sonakshi Sinha dressed in retro style, this item number, oops, special song, manages to enter our list of Top 20 songs.

Ishq Mohallah | (Chasme Baddoor)
Fun-filled and whacky, this song finds itself in our list of most popular Hindi songs. Sung by Wajid and Mika Singh, this song has lyrics that will grip you while you go “dan dana dan dan”

Jhooth Boliya | (Jolly L.L.B.)
Satirical yet fun, this song’s lyrics will make you listen to it keenly. And with the music being a popular one since ages, this adapted song is fun, for sure!

Main Senti Hoon | (Mere Dad Ki Maruti)
How many times have we heard the guy talking about him being sentimental, in a cool discotheque? But this song from Mere Dad Ki Maruti has the young man vocally telling his lady love that he was, he is and will always remain senti for her!

Bezubaan | (ABCD - AnyBody Can Dance)
This Bollywood song has variations that are unfailingly gripping. While the Hindi lines are slow paced and light, the English ones are fast-paced and aggressive!

Sapna Mera Toota | (Nautanki Saala)
Poignant, soulful and touching – this Bollywood song from Nautanki Saala can be felt by anyone in pain! The qawali of the chorus increases the pace of the song and reminds us of the 1990s!

Dhar Pakad | (Special Chabbis)
This song still has the ability to grip its listeners with its quirky lyrics and fast paced music. Both audio and video of the song are equally gripping!

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Top 20 Songs of March

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