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'Thegidi' for all types of audiences: Ashok Selvan

Jan 27 2014 6:55PM

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Actor Ashok Selvan (pics)Actor Ashok Selvan (pics)

Actor Ashok Selvan's last release Tamil horror-thriller "Pizza 2" catered to fans of the horror genre but he says his forthcoming release "Thegidi" is for everybody.

"My last film 'Pizza 2' was for a niche audience, fans of the horror genre, but 'Thegidi' is for everybody. It doesn't aim to cater to any particular section of the audience. It has something to offer to all types of audiences," Ashok told IANS.

A murder mystery, "Thegidi" is directed by debutant P. Ramesh, winner of a reality show "Naalaya Iyakunar". Incidentally, Ashok's first two films were also with first time directors from the same show.

"I think I have been lucky to work with young directors from the same show. The experience has been great and our working relationship is excellent. I get to pitch my inputs and they listen to whatever I have to say," he said.

"Another coincidence is that all the three films have the same producer. I think it's because of my producer I got to work with these young directors. I have to thank my producers," he added.

Ashok's "Soodhu Kavvum" and "Pizza 2" were produced by C.V. Kumar, who has also co-produced "Thegidi" with his brother.

Janani Iyer plays the female lead in "Thegidi" which is likely to hit the screens February end.

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'Thegidi' for all audiences: Ashok

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