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Umesh Kulkarni speaks about his upcoming film Pune 52

Jan 5 2013 5:04PM

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As Marathi film Pune 52 is all set to release on January 18, filmmaker Umesh Kulkarni gets candid about the journey of making this offbeat film. He says, “This is a very different film, which has freshness and young rebellious style of filmmaking.”

In the last few years Umesh has successfully made films such as 'Valu,' 'Vihir,' 'Deool,' and 'Masala' and now he along with Girish Kulkarni under their production house Arbhaat Nirmiti have joined hands with 'Indian Magic Eye', for the film. It has been written and directed by debutant filmmaker Nikhil Mahajan.

According to Umesh, the real strength of the movie is variety of people coming together with their specialized skill sets. He mentions few names such as Jeremy Reagan from New Zealand who has done the cinematography of the film, Hun Jung Shing from Korea, Belen Fonsica and Atif Afzal have contributed to music, sound and background score of the film.

According to Umesh the real strength of the film is its story. While speaking about the plot he said, “The story is about a detective based in Pune and in the era of 1992, which was the starting phase of liberalisation and its effect on livelihood of the detective.”

While talking about the film's director, Nikhil, Umesh said, “I saw Nikhil's work when he made a trailer of 'Masala' and just after that he came with a story of Pune 52.' He has his own style which is novel and different. We as an industry need such talented filmmakers exploring different styles of filmmaking.”

Umesh who is one of the main producers of the film believes that just like Anurag Kashyap, his production house has decided to support young and talented filmmakers. “We didn't get a producer when we made 'Valu' but now we have decided to support talented directors. We will make sure that what we suffered, these youngsters should not,” he quipped.

According to Umesh he shares a great connect with his audience. “We have given it our best shot and now I appeal to the audience that they acknowledge this film and support us for such experiments,” he concluded.

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Umesh Kulkarni gets candid

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