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Unconventional looks, but successful in B-town (Actress)

Jul 8 2013 8:45AM

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Successful, though not a typical beautySuccessful, though not a typical beauty

Since time unknown, one of the prime factors to be a cine-star was good looks; after all, if you do not serve the purpose of being an eye candy, how would you secure a place in people's heart? Also, you need to be in the public eye, and if your face isn't attractive, you tend to take more flak than appreciation. The situation is tighter for actresses, since attractive looks is the primary need to become an actress. But, B-town has been kind to some of them and has let them sustain in Bollywood despite not being a conventional beauty. Here is a look at some of those unconventional beauties who tasted success in Bollywood.

Kangana Ranaut:

Kangna Ranaut photo
Kangna Ranaut

Frizzy unruly hair, extra lean, vernacular accent in English, and lips that clearly show a cut – factors that would have ideally proven to be a hindrance for any girl's Bollywood dreams. But Kangna is a lucky girl who was picked up by director Anurag Basu while she sat sipping a cup of coffee with a bunch of friends at a coffee shop. Despite being presented with her disobedient mane, the actress was accepted in B-town and had several filmmakers eager to sign her.


Kajol photo

Kajol is one of those very few actresses who did not bother to take extra care of her looks on or off-screen. She neither went to the salon to shape her eyebrows, nor went an extra mile to go on the leaner side of the weighing scale. Also, when she started off in Bollywood, she flaunted her dusky complexion with elan. It was purely her acting prowess that made her popular.

Konkona Sen Sharma:

Konkona Sen Sharma photo
Konkona Sen Sharma

She is dusky, doesn't have a flattering figure, and has looks that are nothing more than average; she never showed off her body merely to grab eyeballs. But her smile is so warm, that she can light up the whole room with it. Despite having been a part of not many successful films, Konkona was noticed, appreciated and loved. This actress rode high purely on the merit of her talent.

Kalki Koechlin:

Kalki Koechlin photo
Kalki Koechlin

She is fair, lean, and sports a Western accent, all thanks to her French roots. Her petite frame and flawless skin belies her age. But, in a country obsessed with doe eyes, shapely lips and a beautiful set of teeth, Kalki's features seem out of place. Nevertheless, she has been getting roles that suit her personality, and has been well accepted in B-town for her talent.


Tabu photo

She is mighty talented, no doubt about it; but is she a poster girl? Well, we doubt. She has the looks of a girl-next-door. She is an unconventional beauty who isn't sexy, gorgeous or stunning; but she has a charm and innocence on her face which helped her secure a loyal fan-base. Obviously, her acting talent was the biggest asset that made her a part of Hollywood as well.

Nandita Das:

Nandita Das photo
Nandita Das

She is not the perfect poster girl for Indian men; nevertheless, this dusky actress found a million admirers thanks to her awesome acting. Also, how can we forget that she is the one who didn't have any inhibition to lock lips with Shabana Azmi in Deepa Mehta's Fire!Among the older actresses, we have Jaya Bachchan, Deepti Naval and Smita Patil topping the list of unconventional beauties.

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Successful, though not a typical beauty

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