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OMG - Oh My God review by Hindustan Times
OMG - Oh My God critic rating (Hindustan Times): 2.5
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OMG - Oh My God critic rating ( 2
OMG - Oh My God review by
OMG - Oh My God critic rating ( 3.5
OMG - Oh My God review by The Telegraph
OMG - Oh My God critic rating (The Telegraph): 2.5
OMG - Oh My God review by Times of India
OMG - Oh My God critic rating (Times of India): 3.5

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OMG - Oh My God  (2012 - Hindi)

OMG - Oh My God movie review, and OMG - Oh My God critics rating, comments on OMG - Oh My God

OMG - Oh My God cumulative rating: 3.65 out of 53.65/5 (189 users)

OMG - Oh My God critics rating: 3.05 out of 5 3.05/5 (21 critics)

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  • Welcome eye opener for blind believers of God!

    OMG - Oh My God rating: 8 out of 10(Aditya Prasad wrote on 25 Nov 2012)

    Oh My God (OMG) is a welcome eye opener for many blind folded believers of god who get misled by those who have made a business out of extracting money from such blind believers. As if you have been drugged to do whatever someone says or you are so scared about your well being that you believe 200% that doing any or all kinds of superstitious things will make your life better! If only.

    I have been a non believer in going to temples or all such places, donating in the name of god etc., since my childhood. The most that I remember is about being forced to pray before exams! If praying would have passed us exams, the world would have been full of illiterates! :)

    In summary: The movie is about how an atheist is cornered for being what he is and how he comes out of it enlightening the aam aadmi along the way.

    In this country with hundreds of religions and thousands of gods, lakhs of places to worship - Making this movie is a bold move. And I loved the concept of waking all the scared souls out of this pratha of donating money for religious places, pouring and wasting lakhs of liters of milk everyday (when the same amount of milk could have fed double the number of kids and would have then truly blessed you, not like a pandit saying do this and god will keep you well) and many senseless things that Indians do without thinking twice.

    In many families parents spend lakhs (in a lifetime) in worship and religion related work items but not spend enough to feed the poor or for that matter put the same amount of money in giving a better lifestyle to their children. Do you really think paying donation in temples and fasting yourself to death will get you closer to god or make your children a better person? And many of those who, for 1 day, do not eat anything but hog on all non-veg stuff all year to wash away sins - Live your life people, your good deeds will give you good life not fasting or donating 101 to your nearest worship place, grow up.

    Akshay Kumar is the god in the movie and has a very crisp and short role to play, when he stands on the top of buildings you almost feel like he is the Batman/ Superman/ Spiderman and will fly off to rescue someone from pain, any minute! :) The movie has a good heart, has a motive to get you rid of this clutch of madness revolving the 'fear of god', all the self proclaimed representatives of god who have made God a business. VIP line for darshan, donation for good health, havan for good life of your kids, dakshina for panditji, donate hair, walk barefoot for 1 month etc. etc. All of this makes me believe (and has always done) that putting money in education was indeed a waste of money when we anyways behave like illiterates! :(

    Some might get offended with this movie or even with this review (for all you know) but then problem is not with the belief, it's just that it has become a business and not stayed just a belief.

    Slightly long with more than 2 hours to watch, but worth for taking that blind fold off your eyes. One liners are funny, the whole concept has been thrown out to the common man in a humorous manner and that is why this movie is still running houseful even in its 3rd week. GO FOR IT.

    Verdict: 4/5. Sach kadwa hota hai, digest it.

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