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Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai  (2010 - Hindi)

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai cumulative rating: 3.8 out of 53.8/5 (94 users)

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai critics rating: 3.15 out of 5 3.15/5 (12 critics)

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Sultan Mirza turns into a bit of a Mirza Ghalib over a few drinks. Or so his girlfriend (Kangna Ranaut) suggests. A woman's deep attraction to powerful men, at its bizarre state, reveals itself in the shape of the ‘gun moll’. The examples are aplenty. The girlfriend here is a ‘70s film actor. Sultan’s the dominant Mafiosi. His life, she tells him, could make for a great film: “You don’t need to act. There’s a new boy Amit.more

Despite its dhinchak background score and colorful palette, Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai is a less stylish film than Ramgopal Varma's Company, whose basic plot it so closely resembles. Director Milan Luthria revisits the familiar tale of a powerful don and his fallout with his ambitious protege. In setting the film in the 70s, Luthria borrows much of that period's cinematic style. Every line is a punch line, every dialogue a clap-trap.more

The fascination with gangster movies has been immense worldwide. On this side of the Atlantic, several gangster films have left giant footprints on the sands of time. Films like DEEWAAR [Yash Chopra], DHARMATMA [Feroz Khan], NAYAKAN [Mani Ratnam], ANGAAR [Shashilal Nair], PARINDA [Vidhu Vinod Chopra], AGNEEPATH [Mukul Anand], SATYA and COMPANY [Ramgopal Varma], VAASTAV [Mahesh Manjrekar], GANGSTERmore

Dialogue pe dialogue, dialogue pe dialogue, dialogue pe dialogue... in Milan Luthria’s world, people spoke only in dramatic dialogues Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai. But this is more Once Upon a Time in Bollywood. The time of Deewaar and Don. The time of 786 tags and S-class Mercs. The time of Amitabh Bachchan and RD Burman. Unlike most larger-than-life biggies made in the last few years, which failed to reprise the breakneck pacemore

So, you've seen Satya and loved it. You've also seen Company and lapped it up too. Had a most satisfying encounter with Black Friday also. You've even read those page turners on Mumbai's underworld, Maximum City and Shantaram, and wondered if there's anything more left to be said about the shining city's sleazy underbelly. Hold your breath. For Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai might just take your breath awaymore

A disclaimer at the beginning of Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai warns you against drawing comparisons between lead character Sultan Mirza (Devgn) and the late smuggler Haji Mastan Mirza. You would only be foolish to believe it. Unfolding through the eyes of ACP Agnel Wilson (Hooda), the film tracks the rise of dua-hungry Sultan as a smuggler in the 1970s. Wilson, who is grilled after a suicide attempt, narrates the story of Sultanmore

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai there was Bollywood which used to give us great films, but not anymore. Hopes of seeing great films from today's filmmakers seem lost. Once you watch Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, however, all hope is not lost. Watch the trailer here. Once Upon A Time there were writers like Salim-Javed in Bollywood. Once again, we have found such a writer in Rajat Aroraa. Watch the film and you will understandmore

If you stay in Mumbai, it's difficult to miss the retro, flashy hoardings that announce Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai. Demure looking women dressed in bright salwar kameezes, surrounded by hunky men with chunky moustaches and pastel shirts, ah, the good old days. Director Milan Luthria and his team manage to capture the period and ambience of the 1970s rather well, lending the familiar underworld story a grand, cinematic touch.more

Once upon a time in Hindi cinema there used to be the writer duo of Salim-Javed who induced drama in every scene merely by their metaphorical dialogues. Once upon a time in Hindi cinema there used to be directors like Manmohan Desai and Prakash Mehra, known for their high-voltage sagas, who devised filmi formula, which if not used with the requisite panache, could end up becoming corny clichés. Once upon a time in Hindi cinemamore

A scene in the film takes you swooping up to one of Mumbai’s high-rises, from where an ambitious hood surveys the twinkling fairy-tale cusp of Marine Drive, and calls the city a `mehbooba’ which will slip out of his grasp if he loosens his fist. The time is the 70s, when the city, still formally Bombay, was informally divvied up between a bunch of gangsters. `Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai’ is the latest homage to the romantic myth of Haji Mastanmore

It's the way he looks at the camera. Almost as if it doesn't exist. Ajay Devgn as Sultan Mirza is not Haji Mastan, please note. He's just this Robin Hood in the 1970s who happened to be a smuggler and who at some point in the taut plot, locks horns with a junior recruit who, please note, is not Dawood Ibrahim. So who, in the name of immoral crime and haphazard policing, are these two men? So stylishly masculine, so sweatymore

Once upon a time in Mumbai is like that string of firecrackers that begins with making a lot of noise but goes bust somewhere in between. And then while most crackers fail to take off, few towards the end do. The movie begins with an irresistible old world that you wish you could be a part of. We start liking the character of Salim Mirza almost from the beginning. Even though he is a gangster, we find his sense of justice and fairplay quite more