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Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara  (2013 - Hindi)

Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara cumulative rating: 1.75 out of 51.75/5 (2 users)

Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara critics rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5/5 (4 critics)

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Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara critic reviews & ratings


Ay, this repetition!

The Milan Luthria/Rajat Arora director-writer combo is back; this time with an even more baffling titled film: Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara. Stare at that for a moment and see if it makes sense on its own and then in context with the film. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. This mantra is entirely understandable from a producer's point-ofview, but one wonders how many identical looking films can a creative mind keep cranking out. Unlike in Hollywoodmore

Aslam, dobaara aisa galti mat karna!

Akshay Kumar as an underworld Don, Shoaib, is having a dhamaal time; A flashback in Mumbai and then somewhere in the middle-east. His well-gelled hair, parted at the side, dark sunglasses and well-cut suits which are 'close-fit' (the suits in the era shown, were loose and long) are carried off well. He modulates his voice a bit to a drawl, dragging his sentences to inject imminent fear. He also fixes cricket matches; the umpires wait for himmore

What did you expect from the sequel of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai which came out in 2010? Given that its director and writer are the same, I knew that the clunkily-titled-and-spelt Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara! would tread the same territory: gangsters- muscle-flexing-in-Mumbai-which-used-to-be-Bombay, non-stop rat-a-tat of '70s style dialogue-baazi, loud background music, and a plot riddled with predictabilities frommore

Feel free to catch this gangster drama that masquerades as a violent love story

It has enough going for it – a no-nonsense script, a clipped pace, punchy dialogues and spiffy cinematography – to justify its 160-minute runtime. Yet Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara! falls well short of being quite as engaging as the film that it is a sequel to. The reason is pretty obvious: the characters that Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi fleshed out in Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai were infinitely more complex and nuancedmore