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Ostad rating: 0 out of 10

Dir: Subhas Sen

Starring: Chiranjit, Firdous Ahmed, Rituparna Sengupta and others ...

Story: This is a love story between two college goers, a boy named Sanjay & the girl named Mili. Because of a bet Sanjoy tried to impress Mili, but in the process truly falls in love with her. Now Mili's father, Bijoy Choudhury & Sanjay's father Mohitosh ......

Genre: Family

Review: This Ferdous Ahmed – Chiranjeet – Rituparna starrer released in 2000-01 & was an outright misery for the audiences. A flummerous story line embedded with obnoxious sequences & grade-less dialogues, “USTAD” was an every thing of endless nothing. Ferdous ...

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