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Paathshaala  (2010 - Hindi)

Paathshaala cumulative rating: 2.5 out of 52.5/5 (78 users)

Paathshaala critics rating: 1.55 out of 5 1.55/5 (10 critics)

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A dark-skinned boy with a huge wart on his face smeared in boot-polish hangs around alone, friendless in his school. He makes buddies instead with stray dogs of the neighbourhood. The hero, an English teacher who doubles up as a music instructor (Shahid Kapoor), notices this. He invites all other kids to a party of street pups, and shows them how this boy can instantly warm up to the hush puppies. The poor kid can make canine friends.more

Could it really be possible that no one who read the script of Paathshala had the good sense to recognize that it needed a lot more work before they decided to go out and shoot the damn thing? Indeed, Paathshala starring Nana Patekar and Shahid Kapoor, appears to have originated from an earnest idea, but one that's developed into a dimwitted, harebrained film. Intended as a comment on the commercialization of educational institutionsmore

Pick up a newspaper or surf news channels and I'm sure, atrocities being committed on students by teachers/principals wouldn't escape your attention. Also do a Google and so many results on this topic would open up in a fraction of seconds. Educational institutions - not all, but a few definitely - are in a crazy rush to create a brand for themselves and even parents [not all, again] are keen that their kids become scholars and whiz kidsmore

Audience 1: Chal yaar, nikal jaate hain…Audience 2: Arrey AC toh chal raha hai naa…Audience 3: Hall khaali hai, chal chhupa chhupi khelte hain…That kind of sums up Paathshaala. The inventive gang of guys at the morning show in Fame South City couldn’t last till the end credits but as long as they were there, they kept us entertained. More importantly they kept us awake. Well, that is the only way Paathshaala will take you back to school.more

The film is low key, restrained and often too laid back. Yet it works because it is intensely topical and has an uncluttered charm to it. Set in the precincts of an old world school, it traces the battle of a handful of sincere and committed teachers and students against a newage management that wants to transform the centre of education into a commercial venture. Needless to say, the malaise within Saraswati Vidya Mandirmore

Unfortunately the title of this film will have most parents' think of it as a children's film. But Paathshaala is not a kiddie flick. Neither is it targeted at an adult audience. In fact Paathshaala is a film which won't keep anybody entertained (young or old). After the blockbuster hit Taare Zameen Par it was only a matter of time before another film on the evils of the education system was churned out. So now director Milind Ukey brings us Paathshaalamore

For the select few fortunate enough to afford an education in India, it is usually a case of great textbooks, except that they are badly taught, without imagination or flair. That unfortunate reality is reflected in Paathshaala, a film which deals with the rampant commercialisation of education, clearly a good subject, except that it is poorly written and directed, without imagination or flair. The film has an old world stolid feelmore

Shahid Kapur singing a song with a bunch of chirpy kids overdosed on sugar in the backdrop, Nana Patekar's two-and-a-half expression (the raised eyebrow in the climax!), and Ayesha Takia as the chubby dietician who serves chips and sodas make up for some interesting moments in Paathshaala. A hapless story of the modern-day education system trying to commercialise the medium by introducing reality showsmore

Saraswati Vidya Mandir is the sort of school where every single teacher fits a perfect stereotype. The lady who takes Hindi classes only speaks in ‘shuddh’ Hindi. The sports master is gruff and has a thick moustache. A Mrs Bose has a hugely exaggerated Bangla accent. The principal is serious and somber. The prettiest of them—a nutritionist and a matron and music teacher all rolled into one-- has long curly hair that bounces down her back when she walks.more

Paathshala climaxes with a school principal, Aditya Sahai played by Nana Patekar, delivering an impassioned speech on the state of education and how rampant commercialisation is destroying it. Sahai, explaining why he tried to raise money by allowing reality TV shows to be shot in the school, says: “There was no any other alternative. When a movie about the education system features a school principal who can’t speak basic English, you know youmore