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Paglu 2  (2012 - Bengali)

Paglu 2 movie review, and Paglu 2 critics rating, comments on Paglu 2

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  • Dev And Mainstream Cinema At Their Respective Best

    Paglu 2 rating: 6 out of 10(Apratim Dey wrote on 01 Sep 2012)

    Some go to watch a Dev film (or a film casting Dev as the lead actor, as I would place it)with the staunch belief that the story would turn out to be yet another run-of-the-mill one. But, with Paglu2, the situation is quite different. To put it simply, I myself did not know that a commercial (or mainstream, as I would not like to derogate this film with the term "commercial")film can be "insanely" entertaining, with a hilarious story, deftly directed, and deftly performed.

    Paglu2 is a comedy of errors. Dev is a village lad who is poor in studies and is hell-bent on marrying and settling down with a good wife. As his teacher gave him 0 in mathematics, he ran away with his daughter during her marriage to spoil the wedding, as a revenge, and does a lot of "paglami". But he ends up with a girl who tells him clearly that she, even after marrying him, will go to Kolkata and wed her boyfriend, a computer engineer, as Dev is uneducated.

    Hence Dev realized the importance of acquiring a graduation degree and set off for Kolkata. On the way, while he was traveling by train, he observed that a man was misbehaving with three women, and he bashed them off. However, how this episode ultimately caused him to land up in Dubai, followed by a series of hilarious incidents - I can't divulge. You must watch the film to know that.

    But, of course, some leniency I offer. Koel is Dev's girlfriend, and how they meet is grand. Tota plays a don, who is in love with Riya (Koel Mallick) but finally goes to Dubai Keshto (Rajatava Dutta, funny name nah!)'s house and gets involved with Kobita (Rimjhim Mitra). It is so entertaining with twists and turns at every point that I cannot reveal what happened.

    Paglu2 is one of those very few films that have strong storylines. Last year, Paglu became a super hit but it had no artistic flavour, its story has weak and it was not upto the mark. With Paglu2, however, the situation is completely reversed. One word for Paglu2 is "BRILLIANT". I provides to us a plate of delightful romantic comedy, added with pinches of song-dance and parts of action.

    Overall, a very, very good story. It is so hilarious that it will get you into splits each time Dev, Tota or Rajatava encounters a hilarious situation.

    Sujit Mondal has improved over the years in terms of direction and provides in this film a deft direction power. While his Bolona Tumi Amar showed his immature stage, Sujit Mondal's Romeo was considered to be his best but Paglu2 proves the director has broken his own records. Few Bengali commercial films have to their credit splendid direction and Paglu2 is undoubtedly one of them. Go, watch it and you'll realize.

    In fact, it's not only the director who has broken his own records, but also the man of the match, DEV. I was surprised to find how the film has presented an altogether different Dev, with powerful acting skills and, well, hats off to him! He is, well, OUTSTANDING in the entire film. You can't find even a fault in his portraying the character, you'll see. Dev's character showed strength, delicacy, a mentality of commitment, a plethora of characteristics adorning a good human, and he has successfully depicted each such feature with flying colours. I feel I am at a loss of words while trying to explain how much Dev has improved, as every word falls short. He has been sincere and has worked really hard - this has reflected on the screen, as his expressions have been PERFECT, and NOT NEAR-PERFECT this time. His action, style, romance, well, they prove why he occupies the numero uno position as far as Tolly's leading men are concerned.

    Koel aka Riya was a treat to watch. She has done Hemlock Society and has proved her acting prowess many a time. In Paglu2 too, she does not disappoint us at all and is great. Her character was a perfect mixture of intelligence and diligence. She is sweet, pretty and does a grand job.

    Tota will give you the fun of your life. He along with Rajatava prove the casting director's skills in casting them, for I am certain that no other actor could have portrayed their roles with such efficiency. Rimjhim Mitra impresses us in the short span. She looks very good, indeed, and her acting is impressive.

    Songs - Ah! Paglu2 offers beautiful songs of which "Ekta Premer Gan Likhechi" is super-fabulous. Its placement is not at all wrong and Dev does full justice to his role. Koel is good too. "Love You Love You" and "Habudubu" showcase Dev's brilliant dancing abilities and a sweet romantic number is "Khuda Jane".

    The film proves that if handled sincerely, commercial films can create wonders. In short, Paglu2 is too enjoyable to find flaws. You can't even calculate which part (the first half or the second) is more interesting. Dev with his uniformly energetic performance illuminates the screen and can never make you feel bored.

    The romance depicted, the private moments - the inclusion of these aspects take Paglu2 to a very high artistic level. Artistically, this is a rich film, which can effortlessly cater to both the class and the mass. The people who have long waited to see a really good commercial Bengali film will be contented now. And Paglu2 can offer stiff competition to the Hindi masala flicks, as it is far, far better than any of those released recently.

    Yes, one point must be mentioned. The film has all mainstream portion but never quite deviates from logic. Paglu was over-imaginary, but in Paglu2, even the action sequences can be left out of criticism.

    Dev proves to all his fans why they rely on him and staunchly support him, and shows his haters that he can provide such a thoroughly entertaining film with a brilliant performance. Carry on! If he continues at this rate, he will be able to take himself to a very large area, shortly.

    And the final word? 200% recommended. If you think mainstream films are bad, go watch Paglu2. You will definitely feel a change in your thoughts.

    And dare I say that this film DESERVES a hall of resounding applause (which it received, I being the witness), housefull boards, superhit status and even, CRITICAL ACCLAIM.

    Surely, a film like Paglu2 does not come that often.

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