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Paran Jaay Jaliya Re
Paran Jaay Jaliya Re rating: 8 out of 10

Dir: Rabi Kinagi

Starring: Dev, Subhasree Gangopadhyay, Tota Ray Chowdhury and others ...

Story: Anna, a N.R.I completely idolizes her brother and follows his wild ways. Her father wants her to change and get married to an Indaian.He decides to take his family to India on the occasion of Durgapuja (though the real reason is to find a suitable groom ......

Genre: Drama, Romance

Review: “Namaste” Ravi Kinagi-ji for your latest venture “Poran Jaye Joliya Re” which is primarily shot in Kualalampur with its much seen Petronas Tower in background, but always referred as London in the film. Is it a “Namaste London” hangover Mr. Kinagi or ...

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Paran Jaye Jwaliya Re

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