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Peepli Live review by Hindustan Times
Peepli Live critic rating (Hindustan Times): 4
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Peepli Live critic rating ( 3.5
Peepli Live review by
Peepli Live critic rating ( 4
Peepli Live review by Times of India
Peepli Live critic rating (Times of India): 3.5
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Peepli Live critic rating (DNA India): 3.5

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Peepli Live  (2010 - Hindi)

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Peepli Live cumulative rating: 3.7 out of 53.7/5 (88 users)

Peepli Live critics rating: 3.75 out of 5 3.75/5 (13 critics)

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  • Aakash Barvalia

    I would like to Thank…

    Peepli Live rating: 7 out of 10

    By Aakash Barvalia(17 Aug 2010)

    Peepli [Live] is not the movie for all the mass public, but for others, it’s definitely a hard hitting. Aamir is a great Personality, and whatever film he chooses, it’s a definite worth watching. That’s what we all think, and he proved once again this time. But what makes this film so special, for the rest of our others, that we are bound to appreciate this film wherever and whenever we get chance. To appreciate any film, it has to cross three levels to achieve that, Script, Direction & Performances. Peepli [Live] has crossed these three levels in a super way, that it ... » read more

  • Subhashis Biswas

    Peepli Live: a rude awakening message

    Peepli Live rating: 10 out of 10

    By Subhashis Biswas(16 Aug 2010)

    Peepli Live is a rude awakening message about an ever-lasting no-solution problem. Peepli Live , according to most of the people , is about Farmer lives, their problems, land-ownership issues, politics, desperate media, things related to the misture of all these.

    But to me, it is about none of the above mention things. Well, I should say, none of the above mentioned things are the primary focus of the film. It is a film about mentality of People. Peepli Live is about the rat-race, peepli live is about the rats themselves who does not know what they are running ... » read more

  • Chintan

    A good debut!

    Peepli Live rating: 8 out of 10

    By Chintan (18 Aug 2010)

    Anusha Rizvi promised a satire and that is exactly what she delivers. Her understanding of a satire seems perfect as she dabbles and plays effortlessly with it giving a hard hitting message that is laced in condescension yet gets thrown in our faces masqueraded in humour and jokes. But while she highlights all the malaise, the movie at no point becomes visually displeasing. But still she actually delivers a disarmingly simple but remarkably powerful film, and that is a major triumph. She handles the subject material like a veteran. Her script is tight and witty and her ... » read more

  • Pritam Roy

    Well Done Aamir

    Peepli Live rating: 7 out of 10

    By Pritam Roy(12 Aug 2010)

    Earlier this year, Well Done Abba, a movie by Shyam Benegal released and dealt with similar issues...those of the Real India hidden behind India Shining. His earlier movie Welcome To Sajjanpur also talked about our country's real issues. Neither of these two movies from Mr. Benegal did well at the Box-office. However, this one may just hit the bull's eye. This one comes from the person who has mastered the art of film marketing and science of Box-office success so well, that people may just go in droves to the multiplex to see his movie and walk out in awe of the man, ... » read more

  • Dr.Prachi Barvalia

    Story: Not that Lively / Performance: Very Lively

    Peepli Live rating: 5 out of 10

    By Dr.Prachi Barvalia(18 Aug 2010)

    Aamir Khan has taken some unreasonable pot shots at the media. It seems like Aamir and Anusha vented a personal sense of disorientation and ire at the media through Peepli Live. But overall, the banner’s filmography so far has been excellent and Khan's penchant of backing the right horse is legendary.

    As about the cast; Rizvi’s husband Mahmood Farooqui, who has co-directed the film and is responsible for the casting. He deserves a pat on the back for his choice of actors. Every performer on screen brings a certain charm to the story and contributes to the narrative. ... » read more

  • Divya Solgama

    Sure to feature on BREAKING NEWS :

    Peepli Live rating: 8 out of 10

    By Divya Solgama(13 Aug 2010)

    Few months back I had an opportunity to see a documentary “Nero’s Guest” , which was based on Farmer Suicide and the whole role of media, government and most important “us”. I was very curious to see how Aamir Khan handles this sensitive tabooed topic and thus “Peepli Live” was on my most wanted film to be seen’s list. I also tried to avoid the promos which were running continuously on all channels, the reason was due to fear of watching up the best scenes in promos, as many recent films do. They show the best scenes in promos and then in the film there is nothing left. ... » read more

  • Khushbu

    Live! From the Heart…

    Peepli Live rating: 7 out of 10

    By Khushbu (14 Aug 2010)

    Live! From the Heart…

    On the brink of India’s 63rd Independence day comes a film that depicts how much we have “progressed” in these 6 decades! A satire on farmer suicides in India, Peepli [Live] is an enjoyable ride. Debutant director Anusha Rizvi packs a powerful punch with her story, cast and direction. When we first hear “farmer suicides”, a preachy or a serious film is generally what we would associate with it but Rizvi’s plot is an interestingly humorous one laced with irony and tongue-in-cheek digs at bureaucracy.

    A poor farmer family from the ... » read more

  • mayuresh angle

    very refreshing story and superb direction

    Peepli Live rating: 8 out of 10

    By mayuresh angle(24 Aug 2010)

    After watching the promos, i was very eager to catch this flick. Expectations were high with aamir khan's name involved with this movie and it it did not disappoint. The story is fresh and direction by Anusha Rizwi is sublime. A great debut for this director.
    the story revolves around Nattha and his family and their tryst with media and government. the way such a critical issue has been handled is worth a mention.
    Well done...its worth a watch. » read more

  • Mona

    (A)Live and kicking!

    Peepli Live rating: 7 out of 10

    By Mona (15 Aug 2010)

    Very seldom, lately, have I come out of movie hall satiated with a movie. I did with Peepli Live this morning. It was sheer pleasure to experience the finesse, passion, and nuanced style with which Rizvi has nurtured and delivered her first baby.
    One of the many reviews of this film that inundated the weekend newspapers, I remember, mentioned that if you find yourself laughing during this movie, you need to lie back and introspect. Well, need I say more that everybody in the hall was laughing aloud all the time! Looking around myself then I was reminded of the dark ... » read more

  • Plaban

    Peepli Lively

    Peepli Live rating: 8 out of 10

    By Plaban (13 Aug 2010)

    First things first, the movie has generated so much of interest that there are bound to be lots of hopes riding on the movie.
    Now the question arises, whether the movie is able to answer those hopes or not!!!

    Now lets talk about the movie before answering the question. Its not the usual movie. The actors are not well known and the storyline is not urban or something that the urban crowd (the so called Multiplex crowd) could relate with.
    But the movie scores, it scores on two accounts, a brilliant storyline and an equally outstanding performance by all ... » read more

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