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Rush  (2012 - Hindi)

Rush cumulative rating: 2.3 out of 52.3/5 (105 users)

Rush critics rating: 1.95 out of 5 1.95/5 (11 critics)

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RUSH looks like a rushed job

A young man aims of making it big in life. He's offered a lucrative job by a rival business group. His lofty ambitions corrupt him en route. His personal life hits a low. He gets alienated from his lady love. The route he undertakes to attain the power and riches is a one-way street from where it's impossible to withdraw. He realizes he has been framed. Conned by the people he trusted. He decides to set things rightmore

Rush lacks zip - plus, Hashmi doesn't kiss

First, the good news - Rush has an interesting plot and great detailing, the latter unusual in Bollywood. Such detailing - irregularly placed photos in Samar (Hashmi) and girlfriend Ahana's (Ghatge) home, favourite coffee mugs from which media tycoon-types sip their whisky, a T-shirt cheekily promising 'Endless Vacation' landing a billionaire in jail - add heft to this tale. Crime journalist Samar loses his job over a 'shooter ka shocking sach' from hired gun Princemore

Emraan Hashmi's Rush doesn't get it right

Quite a few filmmakers seem to be fascinated by the television media business. But whether it was the Amitabh Bachchan starrer Rann or Emraan Hashmi's latest film Rush, none of them even get their basic facts right. In Rush, cops walk into a news channel office and get hold of a reporter in the canteen and abuse him because he refuses to give them the information of a sharpshooter who he recently interviewedmore

No need to Rush

Late director Shamin Desai's four year-old ready and waiting Rush finally hits screens this weekend. The director never quite got to see his finished product and I am not sure how he, the talented creative head and founder of Channel [V] in its original avatar, would've reacted to this compromised result. Rush, the story of an ambitious news reporter Samar Grover (Emraan Hashmi) caught up in a web of deceit of crime and politics ends up a targeted manmore

Rush has the bone though not enough meat

Ouch, the TV channels won't be flattered. Rush, like Ram Gopal Varma's Rann three years ago, rushes into the cut-throat world of TRP-driven competition among news channels where news, if not discovered is created in the newsroom. So RGV told us in Rann. And now late director Shamin Desai's Rush takes us into the ostensibly murky chatroom politics of news channels where news-baron Roger Khanna (Aditya Pancholi, unintentionally hilarious) gets reportersmore

Scribe in the wrong channel

Night-clubs, songs with catchy hooklines, confounding situations and jazzy Janes are a must for an Emraan Hashmi movie, most often belted out by the Mahesh-Mukesh Bhatt Brothers, who first discovered that the actor is also blessed with lucky lips. Actor? To attain that status, to be fair, Hashmi has slogged ceaselessly. With time and practice, he has become adept at high-power dramatics. Of late, he displayed a modicum of maturitymore

Rush is about the clutter in the news channel business and how a crime reporter gets embroiled in the big bad world of the business of news. The Editor-in-Chief of a crime news channel where scribes endorse products and cops abuse reporters for not giving them information that they need. Clearly the research gone into making this film is minimal. Crime reporter of Pulse 365, Samar Grover (Emraan Hashmi) interviews a sharpshooter and soon gets sackedmore

Rush is as boring as can be

Once in a while there comes a movie that tends to have a drastic effect on you. Rush is one such film. It will give you a splitting headache which has a long-lasting effect. From the word go, Rush is senseless, over the top and as boring as can be. The movie takes us into the big bad world of the media where cut-throat competition is the order of the day. If news isn’t discovered, it’s concocted in boardrooms. Emraan Hashmi plays Sam Grovermore

Rush is a half baked, uninspiring flick that evokes no response

Rush directed by Late Shamin Desai and completed by his wife Priyanka is a tale of an ambitious investigative news reporter Samar Grover who is trying hard to make it big in the corridors of Crime News. It leads him to awry sequences and he ends up being gagged, caged and bound (as Neha Dhupia’s character Lisa would call it), a news piece which costs him his job at Pulse 360, his news channel. However, in a rebound, he lands up a top job with a rival channelmore


Usually the audiences of Emraan Hashmi films are treated to a packaged deal of a novel story, good music and heavy doses of steamy scenes. His loyal fans though are in for a disappointment this time around as ‘Rush’ offers none of the above. Samar Grover (Emraan Hashmi) is an ambitious crime reporter in a news channel, Pulse 365. His constant aim to be at the top of the game leads to an interview with a sharp shooter, Prince (Murli Sharma)more

No rush, only jerky narrative

The promos had pretty much indicated that the lead protagonist (Emraan Hashmi) would be getting into a similar trap as Kunal Khemu had in 'Blood Money'. However one has to admit that latter had much more compelling plot in comparison and also had far more twists and turns. Moreover, for all talks of 'Rush' being a stylised product, it comes across more as a result of editing and background score than the actual way in which the scenesmore