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Players  (2012 - Hindi)

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A few players intend to share the loot, given the plan or plot (borrowed from Hollywood) is already in place. That’s the story of this film. It could be the story of its making as well! The said players hired for a death-defying mission comprise an illusionist (Bobby Deol), a computer hacker (Neil Nitin Mukesh), an explosives expert (Sikander Kher), a prosthetics make-up guy (Omi Vaidya), and an automobile expert (Bipasha Basu, looking oddly shaped)more

There's an uncomfortable truth about Abbas-Mustan's latest film 'Players' that few critics will admit to – it's not all bad! This fast-paced khichdi of two previous 'Italian Job' movies and the director duo's own last film 'Race' has so much going on all at once that you're left with little time to dwell on the gaping plot holes, the laughable dialogue, and the wooden performances. The story's centered on a team of thieves, led by Abhishek Bachchan's character Charliemore

Adventure movies made in Bollywood, by and large, stress on modish imageries, while the actual concept takes a backseat. That's precisely the trouble with PLAYERS. While a one-page synopsis of the film would evoke euphoric and ecstatic reactions, it's the screenplay, with a running time of almost 2.45 hours [20 reels], that lacks the power to keep you enthralled and enchanted. In short, PLAYERS has style and attitude, but what it lacks is soul and spirit! more

The cleverest thief in the world is Indian. As is the world’s best illusionist, automobile authority, explosives expert, prosthetics ace and computer genius. India is well and truly shining in the world... of Abbas-Mustan. Even more shiny are the gold bars worth a truckload that get smuggled and re-smuggled, stolen and re-stolen across continents — without as much as a cop in sight. Nightclubs in Moscow get jiggy to an Indian item number. Our team of Indian whizkids penetratemore

Music by Pritam is good while it lasts. Some editing sorely needed, visual imagery quite polished, and the look as usual is of new age Bollywood. more

The real problem with this official remake of The Italian Job is that instead of reproducing a perfectly nuanced screenplay as it is, it tries to act too smart, with excessive elements and needless tampering, in the process making a complete fool of itself. Why can't you stick to the plan, Bollywood? All this time we witness our filmmakers rip-off Hollywood scene-by-scene but the minute they acquire rights, they are hit by an army of brainwaves or an insuppressible need to improvise (read flounder)more

Despite dual directors, Players is the kind of film that lacks a cohesive vision. It relies heavily on source material (as you are aware it is an official remake of The Italian Job, in turn a spiritless redo of a dull original) and three choreographers and an action director whose combined efforts at the helm account for more screen time than for all the shots that the directors have called 'Action!' for. This might need a little explanation for those unfamiliarmore

If English is a phunny language, Bollywood is a really phunny place. For several years, it blissfully went through a phase when Hollywood films would be copied scene by scene, with the filmmakers even while blatantly credit stealing, pretended to be making an original film. Now that our conscience is clear and we have the fear of getting sued (whichever comes first), we have started acquiring official rights of Hollywood films. And what do we do with that pricey legal document?more

The 2003 Hollywood release, THE ITALIAN JOB was a decent flick. The movie opens with the heist of $35 million in gold bars from a Venetian mansion. And although PLAYERS, Abbas-Mustan's latest offering is a straight lift from the Hollywood flick, they fail to even lift impressively. I mean, you have a ready plot, you know what each actor's role ought to be and the screenplay is well laid out. All they have to do is adapt it to the Indian audience whichmore

After making a career out of surreptitiously remaking foreign films forever, director-duo Abbas Mustan have proved their recycling capabilities credibly enough to win the opportunity of directing an 'official' remake of a Hollywood flick. They have stars, budget, virgin locations and also a readymade film (rather two of them) for reference. But that know-all impudence of the directors to Indianize The Italian Job is like having a pizza with Punjabi tadka toppingmore

Remaking a remake, Abbas-Mustan could very well have ended up helming an unwieldy mess. Instead, Players, the official remake of Hollywood’s heist flick The Italian Job (itself a remake of a British caper film of the same name) is no frame-by-frame copy. There’s enough desi masala to make it an entertaining action flick to kick off 2012 for Bollywood. I won’t reveal more about the plot than what you would already know. The Players are a gang of the bestmore

In an industry in which remakes get made all the time without anyone batting an eyelid about credits, Abbas-Mustan have for some reason gone to town telling us that their latest release Players is based on The Italian Job. This rather unusual circumstance seemed occasion enough for me to return to the original 1969 comic caper starring Michael Caine and Noel Coward which continues to top British popularity charts — it was declared Britain’s greatest moviemore