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Pratighaat rating: 3 out of 10

Dir: N. Chandra

Starring: Nana Patekar, Charam Raj, Ashok Saraf and others ...

Story: Laxmi (Sujata Mehta) comes to her marital town and finds injustice, murder and many more unlawful things being done by the self acclaimed king of the town Kali Prasad (Charan Raj). As the time passes all the things going on around her becomes unbearable ......

Genre: Action

Review: With the arrival of angry young man--the anti hero--in the 1970s, the role of the heroine also changed. At first she plays second fiddle to the hero. She is ill-treated by the society, seduced, raped and widowed in violent action. Until the late 1970s ...

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