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Prince  (2010 - Hindi)

Prince movie review, and Prince critics rating, comments on Prince

Prince cumulative rating: 2.8 out of 52.8/5 (88 users)

Prince critics rating: 1.7 out of 5 1.7/5 (9 critics)

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  • Prince - Its Bore Time

    Prince rating: 5 out of 10(Vinayak Chandra wrote on 12 Apr 2010)

    If he falls, a van would always come underneath him. If he jumps his spiderman kind abilities are always there to protect him. He has developed some high tracking devices, a cool pipeline vacuum cleaner which takes in loads of diamond and..and yeah..he can also steal an antique coin, around which the whole plot deals. Who he is?? He is Prince…Oh yea its time to win..its Showtime

    Prince (Vivek) is no ordinary thief. He is an international thief and as CBI officer Khan (Sanjay Kapur) puts it “who jaha jaata hai waha kuchh bhi ho sakta hai”. But one day he wakes up and finds out that his memory has been erased along with a wound on his arm. He has a ladylove, Maya, which three different women claim to be. And finally, he has just a handful of days to live. So what does he have to do?? He has to get that coin and submit to Sarang (Isiah) who has quite a weird steel hand, which gives him a funny look instead of violent.

    Coming from the makers of Race, Prince too is an action thriller with lots of twists n turns. But unlike Race which had captivating twists throughout its length, Prince fails to be so. None of the twists seem any bit intriguing or like any which could take you by surprise. But like Race, this one too has some heavy action and chase sequences which do make an appeal. What more it adds to the list of movies, which leave a space open to instead make a sequel to the movie.

    However eventually Prince turns out to be a action packed game where you have been besotted with certain levels and you move onto each finishing the previous. It has been divided into levels like knowing about the real him, decoding the real Maya, finding the coin, getting back his memory etc. It starts off in a coruscating fashion as Prince executes a thorough diamond robbery and remains so till the first Maya comes round. This is where it starts losing its grip.

    Kookie V Gulati has had directed a lot of music videos for Tips, and finally tries his hand at full time direction. But in his desire to go with a untrodden route mixed with general bollywood masala, he messes up at various instances. The whole sci-fi thing sounds quite cool, but eventually starts getting funny along with the non gripping twists. He does have an eye for visuals, but fails to make the execution of the plot look convincing. The sci-fi thing goes overboard and not just that, the whole memory erase-put in back thing goes shallow.

    Besides, the dialogue department acts extremely soggy! None of the dialogues are worth mentioning, instead they sound funny at times like when Maya (Niroo Singh) speaks “Mere Paas prince hai” which sounds like an utter spoof of the famous mere paas maa hai dialogue from Deewar. Even the “supposed to be sounding cool” ‘Its Showtime’ sounds lame.

    Shiraz Ahmed’s screenplay needed more meat, but needed to be rolled with more grip. Scenes could have been detailed and twists could have been a lot more interesting. Some are just like a quicky, hence don’t take you by surprise at all.

    Vishnu Rao comes up with some beautiful photography and provides some really eye stunning techy locales.

    Action sequences are dealt with quite well by Allan Amin barring the climax fight and the skating sequence. Could have been a lot meatier and clearer rather being a close up of sorts.

    Background music by Sandeep Shirodkar is top notch. Splendid, to say the least.
    Music is quite good, but most of the songs are shot as in music videos. The best of the lot ‘Tere Liye’ is thoroughly wasted as being a forced down track, but Kaun Hoon Main is quite an excellently picturised track along with O Mere Khuda being used for the opening credits. Aa Bhi jaa sanam does work for the scene it is used in at.

    Vivek Oberoi delivers a bravo performance. He grooms into his character quite well but does need to work over his confident attitude expressions a bit. They are quite repetitive.

    Niroo Singh doesn’t get ample scope but instead messes the twist she is brought in for, while Nandana Sen puts up an effective performance though her looks are quite weird. Aruna Shields, the british Indian actor, has her voice dubbed, but turns out to be the best of the three.

    Isiah has a very good voice quality and looks perfect for a ferocious Bollywood Villain, yet he needs to polish his acting skills.

    Sanjay Kapur is good, even at his comedy timings.

    Dalip Tahil is decent.

    Rajesh Khattar is hardly there.

    My favourite scenes:

    Prince getting back his memory

    The diamond robbery

    ‘Kaun Hoon Main’ sequence

    On the whole, Prince is a good attempt by the first timer Kookie V. Gulati, but it had all signs of being projected in a better and convincing way. At instances, it leads to some unintentionally comical scenes breaking away from the action thriller path it is set on to. Anyhow, it should be missed by those who lap up any such sci-fi Hollywood flicks but would bash Bollywood if it does that. Otherwise, watch it only if you want to have glimpse of some hi-tech visuals, action sequences and some hilarious scenes (unintentional ofcourse).

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