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Raavan critic rating (Hindustan Times): 1.5
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Raavan critic rating ( 1.5
Raavan review by
Raavan critic rating ( 1.5
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Raavan critic rating (The Telegraph): 2.5
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Raavan critic rating (Times of India): 3

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Raavan  (2010 - Hindi)

Raavan movie review, and Raavan critics rating, comments on Raavan

Raavan cumulative rating: 2.2 out of 52.2/5 (71 users)

Raavan critics rating: 2.05 out of 5 2.05/5 (13 critics)

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  • Dus Sar ‘DARD’…..

    Raavan rating: 5 out of 10(Divya Solgama wrote on 18 Jun 2010)

    In 90’s Hindi films witnessed lots of changes and gave us many talents and gems. Two of them came from South India – Maniratnam and A.R.Rahman. Both kept of growing more and more with their next films. Maniratnam kept on increasing his level of work in Hindi Films by giving us Bombay and his best work Dil Se. after Dil se he fumbled a bit in Yuva and Slipped more down in Guru. But the slipping down in compared to other film makers is much much higher, as he had set his standards very very high than the normal film makers. So Maniratnam comes back again with his current fav hero Abhishek Bachchan, A.R.Rahman, His last films heroine Aishwariya Rai bachchan and his ace camera man Santosh Sivan. Let’s find out will this movie rise above the magic of films made in 90’s or be at par with his this decades films or ???.

    “Raavan” is story of Ragini Sharma [Aishwariya Rai Bachchan], wife of S.P Dev Sharma [Vikram]. Ragini is kidnapped by Beera [Abhishek bachchan] as he has a revenge score to settle with Dev Sharma. S.P Dev Sharma along with help of Insp.Hemant [Nikhil Dwivedi] and Forest In charge Sanjeevani Kumar [Govinda] starts hunting for Ragini and Beera. Beera on other side along with brothers and colleagues keeps changing his location from one place to another. He wanted to kill Ragini, but instead turns soft against her and keeps her alive. Later Ragini comes to know the reason for Beera’s Revenge and starts having a soft corner for him and his colleges. But S.P Dev Sharma is gaining them quickly and what happens next is all the film about.

    Story as the name says is highly inspired by Valmiki’s RAMAYAN and the story writers have tried to make it match with today’s time by giving the whole tribal angle. But then there is nothing new to offer in this story, which tends to become quite predictable as it keeps moving. Screenplay is very slow and drags a lot in first half. It manages to keeps you indulge once the whole Beera’s reason of revenge chapter is reveled, but once that is over the screenplay again comes to the slow and dragging track. But the writers have tried to mix in almost all the major part of Ramayan in this film, which works at some times and don’t at most of the times. Editing too has high influence of Screenplay and is slow and weak at many places.

    Camera work is outstanding and Santosh Sivan deserves a standing applause. His best camera work after “Terrorist” and “Dil Se”. The way he has captured the feel of the tribal zone, the darkness, the rough climate, the scenes, location, etc is superb. He is supported by the beautiful locations which are breathtaking.

    A.R.Rahman generally gives his best for Maniratnam, but looks like as his mentor he too has been slipping down a bit after raising the standards to top level in Dil Se in form of Yuva and Guru [both had very good music, but nothing to match with the earlier three films of this duo]. Raavan’s music does not go down or slip down, but raises a bit above the last work of the Director-Music Directors works. Kata Kata and Thok De are the best in the movie followed by Behne De and Beera. Sadly Ranjha is not utilized well in the film. Khili Re sounds nice and looks nice initially but later the overdose of Aishwariyas dance ruins the effect. Background music is good, but not in terms of the standards of the ace music director.

    Maniratnam Sir has made loads of films in South and almost all have been great. But out here he had to struggle a lot after the debacle of his Dil Se. Yuva was also a good film, but somewhere something was missing. In Guru, he tried to make is more mass oriented and it worked. But the level of Maniratnam sir slipped down a bit, but then no one complained as the talented master director of our times deserved a so called Box Office Hit. Thus after it the expectation had raised and one was hoping the ace director to be back on what he is known for with this film. Sadly the film fails as the director looked quite confused in the film. All his characters from the Ram Side [S.P Dev, Insp.Hemant, Sanjeevani Kumar, etc] were half baked characters and one could not identify the gods or the supporters in them. If the director wanted to show today’s Ram, Laxman and Hanuman in grey shade, its fine with us, but then on other side making the today’s Raavan so soft also does not justify the whole angle. Killing of Beera’s brother, torturing his sister, Govinda helping S.P Dev, Beera going soft after meeting Ragini, and many more scenes dint justify at all. Due to which one does not understand what the Director wanted to portray. A person who is on revenge turning so soft and smiling in stupid manner looked quite foolish on silver screen. There are many loose ends in the film, which the director and the writers have blindly overlooked and thus the film turns to be a dragging film supported by some great camera work, music, etc. Sadly the Sir from the Maniratnam Sir’s name has started to flash off and has disappeared leaving only Maniratnam the director.

    Abhishek bachchan has given his best work when he has worked with Maniratnam, but out here he struggles a lot to match up the earlier work done. He is good in few scenes but due to his loud character he fails in many scenes. Aishwariya Rai Bachchan screams, screams and screams. Vikram and his character of Ram fails big time. They are the biggest negative point in the whole film. I remember Subhash Ghai’s Khalnayak which too was loosely based on Ramayan, but out there Jackie’s Character had qualities of Ram and when Madhuri prefers to select him over Sanjay, it does make sense. Sadly Vikram and his character are totally confused characters and end up damaging the film. Ravi Kishan is good and so is Priyamani- Do watch out for her. Nikhil Dwivedi, Govinda, Tejeswani Kolhapure and others are wasted.

    So bol meri “Filmi Khopdi” is film mein kitna hai dum ?

    Last month a friend of mine asked me “Adaptation of Ramayan and Mahabharat are going to come next month, so what do you think? Which will run?”. Jokingly I replied back “Iss Kalyug mein Mahabharat ek baar chal jayegi, leking Ramayan ka chalna mushkil hi nahin Naamumkin hai”. Thus no dum, except cinematography and music. The movie disappoints and hurts the film lovers who loves Maniratnam and his films. For rest the films is a Peeda {pain} and will have not one but more than ten types of Headaches after watching this film.

    Ratings : 2 [Mostly for Cinematography and Music]

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