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Raaz 3  (2012 - Hindi)

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It’s more likely to scare you away than scare you

What do film stars with waning mojos do when they fail to win awards? Swig whisky on the rocks and wallow in self-pity? Raaz 3’s megalomaniac, mantra-reciting, tacky-costume-wearing heroine Shanaya (Bipasha Basu) plays out those clichés, in front of a giant photograph of herself no less, before she seeks out the devil. But instead of the sell-your-soul-for-wishes route, she walks the twisted path — spook out the new girl (Esha Gupta as Sanjana) who’s taking your placemore

Raaz 3' has more LOL moments than scares

It's hard to tell which of the two leading ladies in 'Raaz 3' is more severely humiliated by director Vikram Bhatt – Esha Gupta, whose character runs stark naked into a party when cockroaches crawl into her dress, or Bipasha Basu who must have sex with an evil spirit, his body covered in creepy leeches. Surprisingly low in thrills, this third installment in the horror-movie franchise stars Bipasha as a fading film star who becomes determined to sabotagemore

Go, get ready to be spooked!

The sequels of JANNAT, MURDER and RAAZ have proved flourishing propositions for the Bhatts. As a matter of fact, Vishesh Films seems to have come into view as a sequel making outfit lately. A lot many actors and celebs become prisoners of fame and eminence, after attaining recognition. The adulation and the frenzy they incite in a public space is enough to award them with an elevated, superior feeling. Sadly, when you attain the much desired celebrity status, you also fear losing it allmore

There's only one raaz about stardom. That it's nobody's 'keep' - but everybody's 'mistress'. Easily seduced by the next hot number on the bloc. Sometimes it walks away silently into the dark night, but mostly it screams like multiple orgasms in the vanity van. Shanaya ( Bipasha Basu) is a top star who is gradually falling off the dizzying heights of stardom, while hot new aspirant Sanjana (Esha Gupta) is sweeping away movies, awards and the coveted top spotmore

Raaz 3 offers only sleaze, no chills

Pioneer of recent films such as Haunted and Dangerous Ishqq -- both of which were critically received quite badly -- Vikram Bhatt doesn't really qualify as an auteur. And Bipasha Basu and Emraan Hashmi aren't exactly in the running for an Oscar either. So what would you get when you pair a rather mediocre director with a couple of mediocre actors? No prizes for guessing, you get a mediocre film; best exemplified among this week's releases by Raaz 3more

It will make your rivals hallucinate and lose their mind, their business and then you will reign. Superstar Shanaya (Bipasha) tried it on starlet Sanjana (Esha Gupta) and it worked! Sanjana wins the Best Actress award for two consecutive years and has gotten all the plum roles around that were meant for Shanaya. An old servant advises her to discard her God and turn to an alternative power. Shanaya is stewing over it with a drink when director-cum-boyfriend-cum-wimpmore

The one star rating is for the attempt to make it in 3D

I believe 3D should be immersive like James Cameron's AVATAR and engage the audience. If the 3D doesn't involve the audience, it becomes gimmicky.' This is what RAAZ 3 hero Emraan Hashmi is quoted as saying in today's interview. Exactly my view; but sadly, RAAZ 3 disengages the viewer from the plot, the movie and ejects a few from the theatre halfway through. The few that are left have no option but humour themselves with 'smart alec' comments to keep boredom at baymore

"Voodoo karle saajna..." If your career starts to slip up, have no fear. Consult God. If He lets you down, consult his nearest rival Satan. Shake hands and even bed the devil, and you have an ally to work on your enemy. So now we know why actresses in Bollywood can't get along. They are too busy sticking needles into one another's careers to focus on their own. Shanaya (Bipasha Basu), we are told at the outset without wasting time, is a top-notch actress on the downslidemore

Ghost ghost na raha

Hoot. Devil wears a linen suit. And this stubbled fella resides in a cosy slum, looks uber glum as if he’s about to explode terrorist “bums”. But supernaturally, he’s much feared. Or maybe he’s just weird. The least publicised factor of the Vikram Bhatt-directed Raaz 3, the devil’s on the move in a franchise in which anything ghosts. No connection with the first two parts at all. After all, it’s just the branded title of the Bhatt Bros which sells in the marketmore

Shoddy shudder flick

Raaz 3 is not in the league of the 2002 Raaz, starring Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea. That film, also by director Vikram Bhatt, had a decent story because it was “inspired” by the Michelle Pfeiffer-Harrison Ford supernatural thriller What Lies Beneath. This one, Raaz 3, is more in the club of Uttaran, the TV serial. Raaz 3 is Uttaranesqe in the sense that it’s the same story. There are two sisters, rather half-sisters (same father, different mothers)more


We always have a choice. God-given free-will. We choose our destiny. Hang on, why are we philosophising about a schlocky assembly-line horror film that warns your eyes of torture in 3D even before you enter the hall? Because, we the cursed, chose to embrace the misery and horror of watching this assault on our senses after seeing the posters that show Bipasha Basu being groped by a ghost. In Raaz 3, the leading ladies flaunt lingerie as if the filmmore

"Schizophrenia aur bhoot-pret mein zyaada farq nahin hai. Bas science isse nahin maanti hai." Those are a doctor's pearls of wisdom in Raaz 3, and the line that probably defines the state of mind in which this ditsy trip was created. Raaz 3 unfolds like a film that was written, directed and produced in fits of hallucination. Director Vikram Bhatt does well with a few genuine scary moments in the first half before giving up on all such efforts post intervalmore

Thrills don’t get cheaper than this

Very rarely do two words sum up a film better than a 500 word review. This is one of those times. And if you want to know what Raaz 3 is about, it's all "cheap thrills". The film and in particular its camera leaves nothing to the imagination. Its two leading ladies are presented in all their skimpy glory and heck, even the lip locks are in your face. Watch this and you wouldn’t need the September 2012 issue of Playboymore

Plenty Of Jism Too

It has it all – Bhatt house glamour, Hashmi brand smooches and Vikram style horror plus 3D. It works. Hell hath no fury like a star who’s lost her crown...or like a sibling who’s lost out on parental love. Imagine the wrath of a woman who’s been visited by both emotion-sapping setbacks. So when ageing box-office queen Shanaya (Bipasha Basu) gets her talons into younger star Sanjana (Esha Gupta) and invokes the devil, God help the young ladymore

Do you know the best way to grind a rival into dust? Hard work? No. Perseverance? No. Staying at it? Don’t be naïve. All that is for losers. The fool-proof way to make sure you stay on top is, cue appropriate ghostly sound effects, ‘kaala jaadu’. Or at least that’s what the desperate Shanaya (Basu) believes, when new heroine-on-the-block Sanjana (Gupta) starts to get ahead. Nothing that friend and lover and director of her films Aditya (Hashmi) can domore

Raaz 3 is supposed to be a God vs. Bipasha Basu. Or something of that sorts. To be honest, it wasn’t a fair fight to begin with. The headstrong, spoilt and manipulative Shanaya Shekhar (Bipasha Basu) is the reining actress in Bollywood. But Shanaya is slowly being overshadowed by a new actress Sanjana (Esha Gupta). The final blow comes when Shanaya loses the Best Actress Award to Sanjana. Even Shanaya’s director boyfriend Aditya (Emraan Hashmi) cannot calm her tempestmore

Raaz 3 is Inception, Bhatt style

Ever since the Hollywood classic 'Inception' hit the silver screens, one would always wonder when would Bollywood have its own take on it. Well, here it is. Though this 'Inception' inspiration borders on the ridiculous in terms of the story, one must credit Vikram Bhatt for making a good screenplay out of a ridiculously ridiculous plot. Yes, the story is a nice watch even though Vikram has ensured that he doesn't become a 'bhatakti atma' when it comes to cinematic clichesmore

Raaz 3 - Very entertaining, high impact

After 'Raaz' and 'Raaz - The Mystery Continues', audience has definitely built good expectations from the franchise and with Vikram Bhatt at the helm of affairs and Bipasha Basu along with Emraan Hashmi joining the cast, there has been further curiosity around the film. Well, thankfully the makers have managed to fulfil the huge expectations and presented a film that is much bigger and high impact than what the promos may have suggestedmore

The world is made of up of good and evil forces. Aatmas and Parmatmas. Those with chalk-smeared faces and those who merely appear as blinding lights and speak with an echo. But none of them can be immortal enough to live through a show of 'Raaz 3'. The prospect of getting horrified in three-dimension could be promising. But Indian horror films, as pioneered by the Ramsays, have rarely gone beyond junior artists in Halloween costumes grunting like death-metal vocalistsmore