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Race to Witch Mountain  (2009 - English)

Race to Witch Mountain cumulative rating: 2.8 out of 52.8/5 (18 users)

Race to Witch Mountain critics rating: 1.75 out of 5 1.75/5 (2 critics)

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Race to Witch Mountain critic reviews & ratings


Race To Witch Mountain can make for a misleading title. Firstly, one gets to know of Witch Mountain only in the film's final moments. And then a word like "race" could have you thinking of Nissan Skylines and Ford Mustangs, when all you get is a yellow taxi with an ad on it's roof that strangely says, "Life comes at you fast". (Could be a product placement that you regularly see in films these days. So, do they flag off at the starting line, the object being to reach the mountain?more

In a modern-day remake of a '70s flick, A spaceship lands on Witch Mountain on US soil. The army's shady types, mad scientists and feds go into a tizzy trying to round up the aliens that were supposed to have landed in the flying saucer. Meanwhile, Las Vegas cabbie (and ex-con), Jack Bruno (Dwayne aka The Rock) is busy carting passengers to and fro when he gets a very unusual fare. Two siblings with an awful lotta money.more