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Radio  (2009 - Hindi)

Radio movie review, and Radio critics rating, comments on Radio

Radio cumulative rating: 1.5 out of 51.5/5 (40 users)

Radio critics rating: 1.5 out of 5 1.5/5 (10 critics)

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  • Switch it off!

    Radio rating: 3 out of 10(Pritam Roy wrote on 03 Dec 2009)

    Himesh is blaring loud from the radio. You want to switch it off...but you don't have any control on the player. You wish, you can switch channels, I mean screens...but the multiplex won't allow. Wish, there was a radio jingle, wish there were some ads. Oh no, there are some ads actually...they come in form of endorsements. Forget it, you won't get's complicated!

    Then, there is Facebook starring in a big way in the movie. Yes, they are getting so much attention from all over. Himesh thought about creating a record by introducing it to Bollywood. Wish, I had access to Facebook in the theaters. I wanted to write a status update. Want to leave the theater. But, can't. It's complicated!

    Now, we know, there are RJ's and we know, there are RJ's. But, then there are celebrity RJ's. Then, there is RJ Himesh oops RJ Vivan. Or, is it Himesh. But, they call him Vivan. Anyways, don't try to differentiate between the two, there is none...for Vivan is actually Himesh! It's complicated!

    Vivan gets separated from Pooja, but continues to be good friends with her. You know, it's all about being comfortable and convenience rules the roost. So, as per convenience, Vivan is "good friends" with Shania (Shehnaz Treasurywala) who is his colleague. Someone, please, please switch off the channel! Where is the remote??

    Sonal Shegal as Pooja looks good...but was simply wasted. Ok...Pooja likes her caffeine bit too much. Thats ok. today's youth is all about having coffee in coffee shops. But, hey, do they need to gulp it down to make the experience of doing a bad movie a pleasant one? Just like she doesn't know, why she left Vivan. But, why did they need to make a movie on this?

    But, Shehnaz does her grinning act well. Problem is...she has been there for two long. I know, she started early...but maybe, after this movie, it will be difficult to find another Shehnaz for Himesh. Did she realize, she was acting in the movie or she thought, she is just on the sets. She was looking at Facebook site on the screen longer than she was grinning in front of the camera. Well, she may well have been writing updates on the site...I don't know, why I agreed to do this film. It's complicated!

    Where is the story? And who is the director? Was there any screenplay? Or Himesh didn't feel the need for one. I saw some hoardings, which have a big pic of Himesh and just says, In theaters on Dec 3. Oh yes, there is no movie's the MAN himself, who comes on screen. There are some attempts at humor. But, you don't laugh at the humor itself. They make you laugh with the failed delivery and their attempt at being funny! Have heard from news, that the Producers have already made money before the release. Good for them...there won't be much coming after the release. I only hope, they don't have refund claims.

    To look at the positive side, this movie is a huge step forward for the Hindi film industry. Earlier, we knew of movies being made with just an idea or an one-liner story. Am not even going to the storyline inspired from various flicks, you can easily identify. Now, you can make a movie, just on a status message or your relationship status. "It's complicated!"

    You just leave with a prayer, that Himesh stays behind the Radio or inside the radio, rather than make an appearance on big screen. We know, you have taken off your cap, we see you on different music reality shows...but please spare us!

    The music is also OK. You have heard it on the radio, on TV channels and from other corners. But, why go to the theater to listen to Radio...I mean watch Radio? Why did I go for the movie? Please don't ask.

    If you don't know the answer already, let me tell you! It's REALLY complicated!

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