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    ! report abuseA Paul
    A Paulwrote on 19 Oct 2010

    Rajatava Dutta is a great person apart from being a superb actor. I got to him personally, when I met with an accident with is car a few days back. The way he behaved with me and the generosity he has shown me by proactively compensating me for the damage, makes me admire him much more than I always did him, as an actor. I am honored to meet a genuinely gentleman like him and I wish him all the success in life.

    Kudos !
    A Paul

    ! report abuseMoumita Chowdhury
    Moumita Chowdhurywrote on 22 Feb 2009

    doing a bollywood movie with Shahid Kapoor & Priyanka Chopra


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