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Rajput  (1982 - Hindi)

story of Rajput, Rajput plot

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Rajput story, synopsis, plot

Plot Summary: Unable to handle the taking of his kingdom by an Indian Government decree, the Maharaja kills himself. His son, Jaipal, takes over as the Maharaja but he turns a rebel and refuses to hand over his title and kingdom to the Government.

    mithun shetty

    By mithun shetty(22 Jun 2009)

    The movie is set in Rajasthan in independent India when the Indian government has taken most of the power of the Maharajas.The king(Murad) of a kingdom in Rajasthan is devastated by this but he has no choice but to accept the power of time.He commits suicide and his hurt and aggressive son Jaipal Singh(Ranjeet) crowns himself as the new king and vows not to give the kingdom to the government.The new ruler has a whole army of dacoits who loot people and terrorise them.

    He has a daughter(Tina Munim) who is now the princess of the state.In the kingdom is a brave man Thakur Ram Avtar(Iftekhar) who does not care about the emperor’s henchmen.His son Thakur Dhirendra Pratap Singh(Rajesh Khanna) is the police officer in the area who also is against the imperialism of the ruler.However Dhirendra gets transferred to another village.

    Ram Avtar wants to fix Dhirendra’s match with his friend Pratap Singh’s(Rehman) daughter Janaki(Hema Malini).In the same village is another old brave man Sangram Singh(Om Shivpuri).He has 2 sons Manu(Dharmendra) and Bhanu(Vinod Khanna).Manu and Janaki are in love with each other but there is sworn enemity between their patriachs Pratap Singh and Sangram Singh.

    Bhanu on the other hand falls for a simple village girl Kamli(Ranjeeta).However destiny has other things for them.Janaki is married to Dhirendra and Jaipal Singh’s men attack when the bridegroom is being taken to her husband’s place.In order to save Janaki a hurt Manu kills the nephew(Tej Sapru) of Jaipal Singh.

    Dhirendra however sees his body in such a way that he thinks that he had molested Janaki before being killed by Manu.Manu is given life imprisonment and Dhirendra develops a ceratin distance from Janaki due to misunderstanding.Even after many months he does not even touches Janaki.Janaki tells Dhirendra that she is not fit for him as she is pregnant.Dhirendra thinks that Jaipal’s dead nephew is the reason behind this and he asks Janaki to get an abortion.However when Janaki gets emotional he accepts her the way she is.

    Janaki gives birth to a son and Dhirendra pledges that he will not ask her about her past.He also accepts the child as his after initial hesitation.Needless to say that Manu is the father of the child.Meanwhile Jaipal Singh’s evil eyes were always on the prowl for young girls.

    His next target was Kamli.She is raped by him and she abandons the village and starts living ina place given by Jaipal.Bhanu is upset as he is not able to find Kamli,but there was more to come.The dacoits attack Sangram Singh’s house and kill him.

    Bhanu escapes and becomes a dacoit and forms his own gang who fight for the poor.He now gets a new name Bhavani.A few years pass by.Now Dhirendra becomes the Supritendent of Police and works under I.G.(Nazir Hussain).He gets posted in the same jail where Manu is jailed.

    On seeing Manu’s nice behavior the government grants him freedom.Dhirendra is impressed by Manu and asks him to stay in his home and teach his son horse-riding.Manu is very happy as he knows that he himself is the father of the child.He develops a good relationship with the child.Their relationship troubles Janaki as she feels that Dhirendra will come to know about truth.Meanwhile Bhavani continues to plunder Jaipal’s men and it troubles the police.

    Manu helps Dhirendra in nabbing few dacoits and Jaipal spreads the word in the police force that Dhirendra is a traitor.Jaipal calls Manu and tells him that his father and brother Bhanu were killed by the dreaded dacoit Bhavani.He does so as manu does not know that Bhavani is Bhanu himself.Thus the 2 brothers come face to face against each other only to realise that Jaipal has played with them.Dhirendra joins the hands of Manu and Bhanu and the triumvirate eliminates Jaipal.

    Manu also dies in the process but only after Dhirendra comes to know about the truth.When Bhanu is about to lit Manu’s funeral pyre,Dhirendra interrupts him and asks his son to light the pyre