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    ! report abusemithun shetty
    mithun shettywrote on 01 Jun 2009

    Rakesh Roshan's friends Rishi kapor and Jeetendra are very close to him. So when Rakesh produced "Aap ke deewane" he put Rishi in lead and Jeetendra in a song apperance . And when he directed "Khudgarz" he took Jitendra in the lead and Rishi Kapoor in a song apperance

    ! report abuseShobha Keshwani
    Shobha Keshwaniwrote on 01 Feb 2009

    Rakesh Roshan is known for directing films with the title always beginning with "K".

    ! report abuseDivya Solgama
    Divya Solgamawrote on 28 Sep 2008

    Hrithik Roshan designed the promos for his father's film Koyla


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