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Rakht Charitra - I review by Hindustan Times
Rakht Charitra - I critic rating (Hindustan Times): 2
Rakht Charitra - I review by
Rakht Charitra - I critic rating ( 3
Rakht Charitra - I review by
Rakht Charitra - I critic rating ( 3
Rakht Charitra - I review by Times of India
Rakht Charitra - I critic rating (Times of India): 3
Rakht Charitra - I review by DNA India
Rakht Charitra - I critic rating (DNA India): 4

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Rakht Charitra - I  (2010 - Hindi)

Rakht Charitra - I movie review, and Rakht Charitra - I critics rating, comments on Rakht Charitra - I

Rakht Charitra - I cumulative rating: 2.95 out of 52.95/5 (43 users)

Rakht Charitra - I critics rating: 2.9 out of 5 2.9/5 (12 critics)

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  • The Wheel of RGV…..

    Rakht Charitra - I rating: 5 out of 10(Divya Solgama wrote on 22 Oct 2010)

    Whenever we think of Ram Gopal Varma, we think of films like Satya, Sarkaar, Company, Bhoot, Rangeela, Sarkaar Raj, Raat, Shiva {On positive ground}. Majority of these movies are based on political ground or gangster/goon stories. RGV has mastered in story telling of such films and has shown us all the different version of the almost same theme. Now he comes back with his new film based on some true incidents in south India. The first looks gave us a feeling of Satya meets Sarkaar, i.e. gangster and political stuff together. We do wonder will this film have something different than the earlier films?. Let’s find out.

    Rakth Charitra is story based in a small but important place Anandpur. The main protagonist of the film Paritala Ravi’s [Vivek Oberoi] father and elder brother are killed by the rival group of reddy. Paritala too kills the major people involved in killing of his family. At that moment one of Reddy’s son Bukka {Abhimanyu Singh} starts campaigning for his brother for local politics. In order to support his brother he tries to take over an actor turned politician Shivaji [Shatrughan Sinha]. Shivaji decides to end the menace of Bukka and offers a hand of friendship to Paritala Ravi. Paritala Ravi accepts it and joins the politics. Thus starts the journey of Paritala Ravi in a new and dignified manner.

    Story is simple and in one line a act of revenge. There are loads of shades from RGV’s earlier films Inc films like Sarkaar {the climax part looked like prequel to sarkaar with all those people coming at Viveks house, the tea drinking habit, the complain book outside his house,etc}. Screenplay is full of how one side takes care of another and later the other sides reaction, all by killing each other. Yes RGV has tried to show more of bloodshed and at times tried to turn gore, but lacks the hard hitting impact as the viewers won’t be able to connect to the characters on the emotional factor. There are some great scenes like Vivek killing the cop in police station, Abhimanyu Singh interaction with Ashwini Kalsekar, Shatrughan Sinha and Vivek Oberois scenes, Abhimanyu Singh’s Assassination etc. but then there were times where one starts to have the repetitive feeling, especially in the second half. The story narration halts at many place and mindless killing takes place. The moment the film is away from Vivek, Shatrughan or Abhimanyu Singh, it starts jittering. The voice over narration is very bad and makes you irritated in the whole movie.

    Camera work after long time in RGV film is better and has sticked to its position. Thanks to which the film keeps you focus in the subject rather than the odd positions of camera as it use to be in earlier films of RGV. Editing needed to be more crisp and fast. Such movies should not give you time to think, if they give then that works as bad point for the film.

    Music has been a missing factor in RGV’s films from long long time. Looks like he has forgotten the Rangeela and Satya days. Anyway coming to this film the Paisewala song is not bad. But rest all are ok. Background music as it has been in recent RGV films is loud and bad.

    RGV is a fine director and has given Hindi films some great films on all grounds . He use to be technically brilliant in his initial days. But later the overdose killed the creativity. Thankfully out here he is in control and has something to offer. When he announced this film the expectations were high and one did feel RGV might be back. Well he is but not fully, at least out here he has done what he has done in past but with something better. We hope the next part of this film shows us the best form of this good filmmaker.

    Vivek Oberoi has excelled in Gunda/Gangster types roles. Out here too he shines out in this main role, but fails to offer something new. In his last film Shatrughan Sinha failed to do what he kept claiming in all his articles, but out here he has done a decent job. His screen presence has been properly utilized. His later dialog “Topic Is Over” is going to find lots of popularity in coming days. Still we are waiting for him to give a Sarkaar type performance, which he had claimed that he would had done it better than the original actor. Looks like that’s going to be a unfulfilled dream of his. Abhimanyu Singh single handed fights from the opposition side and gives the best performances as a cruel guy. We want to see more of this talented actor. Radhika Apte looked like a cheap Ashwariya Rai version, RGV it’s a request please don’t do such cheap gimmicks for your film. The film is supported very well by characters like Zarina Wahab, Ashwini Kalsekar, Ashish Vidyarthi, Anupam Shyam, Sushmita Mukherjee, , Rajendra Gupta, Sushant Singh, Vishwajeet Pradhan and Kota Srinivasa Rao.

    So bol meri “Filmi Khopdi” is film mein kitna hai dum ?

    Dum hai, RGV ki peechli filmo se to kaafi dum hai, but on other side there are loads of reminders from RGV’s earlier films too. The film ends on a completion note and you don’t feel tempted to wait for the second part. If you like RGV types of films, Revenge Action Drama and like Vivek Oberoi in his typical Gangster type role this is a film for you it has the feeling of the RGV films and complete the whole Wheel of his type in it. For rest, I feel there are more other options this week , so go for them.

    Ratings : 2.75/5

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